This advanced course is suitable for those who have completed the practitioner programme or have a practitioner qualification and looking to advance their practice and development. The programme draws upon the work of Dave Elman finishing with advanced use of pendulum. Elman trained many doctors and dentists using techniques which are distinct to other notable figures in Hypnosis.

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This practical event focuses on the mind, how it works, what we see (what you perceive is what you see in yourself and why that is a big deal), how we process thoughts and how to empower ourselves to make our mind work for us. Included is an overview of hypnosis what really happens and how it works whilst you remain in control at all times finishing with learning a self-hypnosis technique for relaxation and de-stressing.

Suitable for the curious, those who interested in self-improvement, wellness, and wellbeing and want to move forwards.

One element we will cover is taking charge over our destiny. This is about taking responsibility for all decisions good and not so good known as being totally at cause. When you are at cause, you will no longer think this way.