August 2022

The Sum Of Your Parts

Parts Working Together So proud of the England Lionesses and their performances in the Euros. What struck me as I watched them throughout the…
boot on football
May 2022

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Connecting and your connection to your mind One way to tap into your potential is with Hypnosis. What would happen if you learned the skills…
hypnosis training
2022, March 2022

Leadership and NLP

Combining NLP and Leadership is powerful Leadership and NLP is a powerful combination. Think about it, NLP trained leaders are the difference that makes…
happy leader
2022, March 2022

Stories and Metaphor

Time for a story I felt inspired when discovering this amazing chair in the woods at RHS Bridgewater, so I had to sit on…
Stories in lights
2022, January 2022

Our New Chairs of Change

Introducing our latest coaching equipment – the Chairs of Change! We all know change can be so vibrant and energising and it’s great to…
chair of change and plant
2021, November


Black Friday As Black Friday looms it is well known that people get so much more from an experience than a possession. Its not surprising…
black friday nlp
2021, November

Overcoming Stress

Overcoming Stress – 3 tips If you want to make a start overcoming stress, this is for you.  Who wants to regain control? Who…
stress new perspective NLP training
2021, October

Congratulations NLP Graduates!

Congratulations to our graduates, our new NLP Practitioners! So pleased for them. These amazing people invested in themselves and put themselves first. For one…


Hypnobirthing Hypnobirthing is about letting go, letting go of misconceptions, assumptions and fear about the natural process of giving birth. Ultimately letting the female…
Pregnancy couple
2021, July

Let It Go?

Let it go to let it grow Love my garden. With this amazing weather that we have been experiencing in the UK, I have…
May 2021

New Course – NLP For Educators

Suitable for Educators, in Teaching, Presenting, Human Resources & Learning and Development Do you need to engage learners effortlessly? Do you need to motivate…
leadership training
2021, May 2021

May the 4th Be With You

May 4th has become globally known as Star Wars Day. Who could be surprised? The words, “May the 4th” seem to implore for the…
nlp coaching Bolton
Feb 2021

Find your inner resource

Who has an inner resource that perhaps we have forgotten, ignored and would benefit from ‘restoring’? Looking forward to another episode of The Repair…
restore your minds resources
Courses, Feb 2021

In Need Of A BOOST!?

Boost – Put yourself first Is it time for a well needed boost? It’s tough for us, especially now that there is a glimpse…
looking up for inspiration and boost
August 2019

How to handle overwhelm

I am hearing increasingly more instances of overwhelm, whether it is business owners or clients so I hope you find this post useful. When…
pulling hair out, overwhelm
July 2020

10 Steps to improve mindset

I pulled this together in the style of a checklist which can be used to improve mindset. 1. Own your s***t! Important to improve…
nlp coaching to give confidence
July 2020


How is your balance? You may be thinking that something is not quite right on the inside and it’s hard to find the right…
balance, new perspective nlp, coaching
June 2020


We all know the amazing transformation that caterpillars undertake to become butterflies. How does the process of transformational change apply to ourselves when considering…
transform change
June 2020

Feel stuck at this time?

Who feels stuck and overwhelmed? It can be easy at the moment especially as we are surrounded by uncertainty. This can be due to…
one way, stuck, anxiety, choice, behaviour
June 2020


Who lives under labels? Any perfectionists struggling under the pressure? Any lonely ‘superheroes’ who want a change of role but feel trapped with low…
June 2020

Confidence Coaching

Really pleased to be in the local paper. The article focuses on how I help new business owners find the confidence they need at…
new business owner confidence coaching
June 2020

Anxiety at work

Who is not looking forward to going back to the workplace? Ever dreaded a meeting? I know I have. I have had anxiety about…
embrace anxiety
May 2020

Find your balance

What do you need to find balance in your life? Not the outside, but balance on the inside. Perhaps areas such as health, relationships,…
finding balance
May 2020


During these times of uncertainty, gaps in information and what can feel like constant change, it can be really difficult to adapt and cause…
anxiety and nlp
May 2020

Hair & Change

I am going to be brave and ask…how are you and your hair getting on? Your current relationship with your hair can be an…
Hair and your response to change
May 2020

Online NLP

As a business owner you understand the importance of value, the value that your customers can feel and see in your service. This online…
step from negative to positive with newperspectivenlp
May 2020

NLP Training Brochure

Want a change of direction, want to change your future? Read about our amazing NLP training in the newly launched new brochure. Find out…
May 2020

Control your state

Parents who are teaching children at this time, this NLP technique – the learning state, is for you! Otherwise known as the Ninja Learning…
learning state for parents


I couldn’t be prouder of these graduates of NLP, they have gone on an amazing journey and embraced a different way of thinking which…
nlp training
May 2020


For a changing world we need a changed mindset. Most importantly, this starts inside ourselves. There will be different challenges and pressures to face…
change your mindset

Motivation +/-?

Are you motivated towards or away from something? There are choices to make. Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.…


We always have choice. We all have a different representation of the world or model of the world as we say in NLP. When…
you have a choice
August 2019

Mental Health

Great meeting The Life Support Group in Little Lever, a voluntary mental health support group to introduce a taste of NLP. In some ways…
life support group mental health
August 2019

Goal Setting with NLP

Would it be a surprise to learn the NLP way of setting goals is a little different? In NLP we say the conscious mind…
goal setting find success transform your life
August 2019

Choose NLP!

What key do you need to open the door – the door, which what lies behind it represents your true potential? How much would…
NLP training
August 2019


So proud to have graduated from the Tad James School of NLP in Nevada, USA. I hit all my goals and am now a…
NLP accreditation bolton & greater manchester
June 2019


We all experience feeling stuck from time to time. Feeling little or no energy to move forwards, maybe no traction or grip which can…
feeling great after being stuck
June 2019

We need to grow

“There is no end to our perfection. We are designed to constantly grow, to develop, there is no end to our perfection” (Graves). Using…
nlp helps you to grow
June 2019

Wellbeing and NLP

Looking after wellbeing is key to good health. In this world of busyness (yes it’s become a word!) and if we are not careful,…
NLP supports wellbeing