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Boost – Put yourself first

Wed 24th March

Feb 23rd, 2021

Empower Yourself

Is it time for a well needed boost? 

It’s tough for us, especially now that there is a glimpse of ‘daylight’ ahead. The speeds we are pedaling round that hamster wheel are immense! It just goes faster and faster, it’s hard in some ways yet easier as its all we choose to focus on. 

Focus? Meaning focus when where we can of course, inbetween the home schooling, attention to animals, supporting partners, family or others, keeping healthy and doing some form of fitness. Oh yes and if we have time, some TV watching to reinforce any low feelings. It’s time to put yourself to the head of the queue and invest in an hour and a half of ‘me time’. 

Hide yourself under the stairs if necessary with a laptop or tablet and spend some time recharging your batteries. You know the theory, you don’t let your mobile lose its charge every day – you charge it up!

Be the best version of yourself

To get the benefit and find value, we want to be able to change our perspective. As we move through uncertainty, at new perspective NLP we have developed an approach to boost individuals to take that control back and feel empowered to take charge. 

It’s all about exploring strategies to help you to handle change and feel more confident.

Finding focus

Let’s start to get that re-balance of life and work, or is it work and life? Right now we want to find a new focus to improve our inner strength and move forward. 

To do so, it’s all about recognising our barriers, our beliefs which limit our thinking and behaviours in order to overcome them. Change your perspective to realise the benefit

Rod is an expert in Personal Development, Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Master Coach in NLP. Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis.

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