finding balance

Find your balance

What do you need to find balance in your life? Not the outside, but balance on the inside. Perhaps areas such as health, relationships, career, personal growth or spirituality? We…
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anxiety and nlp


During these times of uncertainty, gaps in information and what can feel like constant change, it can be really difficult to adapt and cause feelings of anxiety and or stress.…
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Hair and your response to change

Hair & Change

I am going to be brave and ask…how are you and your hair getting on? Your current relationship with your hair can be an indicator for how we are handling…
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step from negative to positive with newperspectivenlp

Online NLP

As a business owner you understand the importance of value, the value that your customers can feel and see in your service. This online course represents an investment which you…
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change your mindset


For a changing world we need a changed mindset. Most importantly, this starts inside ourselves. There will be different challenges and pressures to face over the coming weeks therefore we…
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