One of those days when you feel out of control? Perhaps it’s a ‘so so’ day, not a great day. Think about it, go back to one of those days and ask yourself, “did I say “no” more often than “yes”? If you did, check with yourself for the use of the word “but”.

I find the use of the word “but” links to reasons or excuses. You know, when you have reasons or excuses this is a sign of a person being at ‘effect’. “I cannot do this because… or I am not getting what I want because…”

At ‘effect’ of their reasons or excuses is a place where there is very little energy, it is a place where we certainly would not wish to reside in, it is a place we want to leave.

To leave and journey to being at ’cause’ for all that we do. During that journey we are taking ownership, we are starting to own our results which is what we ultimately want. You want results don’t you?

Being at ’cause’ is empowering and for those who reach ’cause’ they find they have the energy and control they desire.

You wouldn’t want to change your mind, would you?

So choose ‘and’ instead of ‘but’ and experience how your day changes…

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