Certified Master Practitioner NLP Training

You have completed Practitioner Training, what’s next? Take your Practitioner Training to an advanced level with mastery of NLP including Coach, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. Master Practitioner Training is the ultimate in transformational self development. The training is 14 days of theory, practical application, excitement, and fun! Our programme is taught in two sections of 7 days, with around a month in between.

The mastery of language is the key theme of the first week of your training.
How we interpret our world and create our reality provides an incredible fascination, one that shapes thinking and creates deep insight into how someone processes their environment internally.

The way our minds and bodies are connected is explored and your thinking expanded into the actuality of what’s real and what is subjective experience.
Quantum thinking, which directs us away from traditional understanding of human psychology and towards a whole new approach to how we view the world and beyond, leads us into the exceptional subject of quantum linguistics.

We use a set of four simple patterns that re-shape thinking in a multi-dimensional way, enabling you to think circles around others and generate innovative ideas.

Taking your Practitioner techniques we develop them further with advanced submodalities and designer swish patterns, advanced negotiation and mediation techniques, advanced work with strategies, advanced re-framing and linguistic Parts Integration.

Prime Concerns is a method of discovering the deepest part of the linguistic deep structure of meaning. It’s what you need to know in order to reach the problems that are hidden from awareness, deep in the unconscious mind in order to get successful change results

man holding out arms open

Discovering Meta-Programmes assists us to uncover the true nature of how a person thinks about their work and their motivations to do work.

An in-depth study of values, how to help someone to really understand how they have created the life they have and how to get the life they want.
How to design and deliver a transformational training with charisma and grace. We will share with you the secrets of training both the conscious and unconscious minds, to make learning easy.

NLP began with modelling. Modelling is how we observe in great detail, how an expert produces a specific result and then transforms those observations into a programme of training that can be taught to anyone.
Oh, and you get to do a board break too!

Course Dates:

23th -29th April 2023 Week 1

14th – 20th May 2023 Week 2

Venue: Bolton

Price £2500 (£500 deposit)

(Additional charge if using PayPal)