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Phobias, Fears and Anxieties

Fears and phobias. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. Phobias typically result in a rapid onset of fear and are present for more than six months. 

In this blog I have highlighted 4 of the most common phobias and how I work with clients to overcome them at newperspectivenlp

fear of flying

Aviophobia or Aerophobia - fear of flying

Fear of flying is called aviophobia or aerophobia. Fear of getting on a plane can be a heritage from childhood or it can emerge from adulthood as a result of various triggering factors.

Research also suggests that triggers such as bad weather, take-off, and turbulence tend to be the most anxiety-inducing aspects of flying. Travel delays, common when flying at popular times, may make the fear of flying worse.

As lockdown constraints begin to be eased we’re all looking forward to the days we can start travelling overseas again and with confidence.

I can help you to overcome these flying fears by using various neuro linguistic programming (nlp) techniques and hypnosis without any need for medication.


Misophonia is described as a condition in which individuals experience intense anger and disgust when they are confronted with sounds made by other human beings. In particular, sounds like chewing, lip smacking or breathing may cause intense anger. Sufferers usually avoid misophonic situations or endure them with intense discomfort.

This can cause devastating impact and increasing pressure upon relationships, This can result in withdrawal and social isolation to avoid sounds including tapping, dog(s) barking, voices of certain people, clocks ticking which can trigger a variety of responses.

The subject has recently been featured on GMB. Take a look at this video on YouTube

fear of open spaces

Agoraphobia – fear of open spaces

Did you know agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help wouldn’t be available if things go wrong? 

Many people assume agoraphobia is simply a fear of open spaces, but it’s a more complex condition, it could be fear of crowds or leaving one’s own home.

As lockdown rules are relaxed, we will all be able to visit parks, woodlands, beaches and places of interest. I can help you overcome these anxieties and fears by using nlp techniques.

Acrophobia – fear of heights

Acrophobia describes an intense fear of heights that can cause significant anxiety and panic. Some research suggests acrophobia may be one of the most common phobias. It is a specific phobia, called space and motion discomfort. 

Depending on the phobia’s severity, you may fear being on a high floor of a building as much as simply climbing a ladder. It’s extremely important that your acrophobia is professionally treated as quickly as possible, particularly if heights are a regular part of your life.

How I can help you overcome fears or phobias

Good news, I can work with you to overcome your fears, phobias, and anxieties. One way to achieve with this is to reprogramme your thinking using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy which in turn changes the response. All without the need for medication. 

Take a look at my resources pages for info or contact me to find out how I can help you.

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