On our NLP Practitioner Training programme you will find NLP is the study of success and how to model it to use on yourself and change thinking in others. You can use an NLP approach to all aspects of life and at work. Whilst on the NLP Practitioner Training course you will experience change along your personal learning journey, change in your thinking about satisfaction, happiness, self and success to realise and release the best version of you. Whilst being able to help others to do the same – is this for you?

Become a Coach who can change mindsets and behaviours

If you want to learn how to change mindsets and behaviours and developing a future on your terms using your personal power then look no further, this training is for you. Check out our NLP Practitioner Training Brochure

Who is this for?

NLP is a necessity for an established or newly qualified coach in areas such as Business, Learning, Development, Education, Therapy, Sport and Personal Development.

The NLP Practitioner Training Programme is for those who want to perform and think at a completely new level. This is not moving within a Division this is moving Leagues! If you want to rapidly expand your skill set, discover a new mindset on your journey to be the best version of yourself to deliver amazing coaching to get incredible results, this is for you. This programme will challenge your learning and your thinking, it is highly practical with plenty of opportunities to apply your learning.

certified nlp practitioner training

You might be at a crossroads, unclear about your direction but you know what it needs to be something new, this may be what you are looking for so that your true potential can be unlocked. Not only will you learn about NLP as a practitioner but you will also have lots of opportunities to practice the techniques on each other in a client role so you will benefit personally. You will emerge from the course a different person, with a different perspective to when you started.

NLP is recognised worldwide, the NLP Practitioner Training that we offer is the full certification.  Your qualification is internationally recognised and fully board accredited by the ABNLP.


Our aim is for you to graduate feeling confident and competent.

certified NLP Practitioner training and coaching

What certifications are covered in this amazing experience on the NLP Practitioner Training?
1. NLP Practitioner
2. Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
3. NLP Coach
4. Hypnosis Practitioner 

certified NLP communication training, rapport building, NLP Coach

The certifications are carried from the following bodies:

The American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
The Time Line Therapy™ Association
The American Board of Hypnosis (ABH)
The Coaching Division of the American Board of NLP

All of the qualifications are recognised internationally by all major professional membership bodies, should you wish to start your own practice as a NLP and/or Time Line Therapy® Coach or Practitioner, as well as being a certified Hypnotherapist.


The Certified NLP Practitioner Training involves

Foundations and The History of NLP:

What you will learn

  • Learn about the history of NLP to aid your understanding of the techniques and skills
  • Understand the language of the mind and the NLP Communication Model to help you make sense of the way you and others think and the world around you
  • Uncover the amazing mind-body connection, this is linked to healing and creating what you want using your mind

Using Rapport in Communication

What you will learn

  • Find the ability to connect with other people at an unconscious level, making your communication with them easy and effortless
  • Practice the art of getting your message across to another person in a way that it is accepted and understood, first time, every time
  • Learn how to connect rapidly with others, to build deep trust and engagement
  • Explore how how to recognise the cues that let you in on the internal thinking and feelings of other people

Amazing Goal Setting

confidence, self assured, certified NLP Practitioner training

What you will learn

  • Learn how to create goals in such a way that they are actually achieved in 4 dimensions!
  • Discover a step-by-step blueprint for making your goals and dreams a reality
  • Create the future you’ve dreamed of and develop skills and techniques to help you support others in doing the same

The Language of the Mind

What you will learn

the power of NLP is like lightening, breakthrough

  • Uncover the secrets of the language of the mind
  • Learn about eye patterns and what they mean to improve your rapport and relationships
  • Use this information to understand, communicate and influence others and their thinking in life, negotiations in business, motivation in sport and engagement with the message in education.
  • Use all of this information to rapidly develop your ability to build deep rapport with others

Submodalities – The Language of The Mind

What you will learn

  • Understand the amazing way our minds process information and how to use that learning to create results
  • Create rapid change to remove unwanted habits, behaviours or unhealthy patterns in yours and others lives
  • Learn how to change limiting beliefs and overcome barriers that get in the way of being our best self

Become a master communicator in the art of language

What you will learn

  • To encourage and embed positive change in others
  • Become a master communicator using language patterns like Dr Milton Erickson
  • Use techniques to understand what people are really saying and meaning
  • Learn sales and negotiation techniques that will enable you to win-win every time along with being able to overcome objections rapidly

Being at your best – Anchoring

What you will learn

  • Explore the use of anchors to create positive, resourceful states in self and others to be in control of how you feel
  • Learn how to develop new choices and resources to release barriers such as procrastination

 Strategies – Patterns of behaviour and how to change them

What you will learnNLP Practitioner Training, NLP Coach Training, hypnotherapy training, time line therapy training

  • Explore why we do in what we do
  • Learn how to develop helpful strategies in order to realise success to overcome unresourceful patterns
  • Understand ways of motivating people to support you in business such as sales techniques
  • Learn about ways of attraction, love, learning and other powerful patterns that we run unconsciously to improve your life

Parts Integration

What you will learnfree yourself of limitations, NLP practitioner training

  • Learn about getting rid of blockages which are causing internal conflict or incongruencies
  • Find out ways of how to feel more aligned and a wholeness in your life and learn how to achieve this with others


The Use of Metaphors (Story Telling)

What you will learn

  • Learn how to assist others in creating internal change through the use of metaphors
  • Understand the power of using this skill, especially with groups, presentations and children

Timeline Therapy:

TimeLine Therapy is a powerful process which enables people to release any inappropriate emotional responses or emotional baggage, such as anxiety, depression, fears and phobias.

male looking upon the cloudsWhat you will learn

  • Learn how to release negative emotions from the past for self and others
  • How to remove limiting beliefs and decisions which hold us or others back
  • Learn how to use advanced goal setting techniques to realise success

Hypnosis Practitioner involves

Learn how to become competent in this ancient healing art, easily and effortlessly, that’s right! This is a combination of theory and practice of the techniques whilst layering your skills. Hypnosis is 100% natural, it is an altered state of consciousness where clients can make great personal change. As part of the approaches you have already learned and be able to draw upon, you will be able to achieve amazing results with clients.

hypnosis, communication training, relationship building, good to talkWhat you will learn

Building upon your confidence and competence from techniques already integrated from the ABNLP Practitioner training, you will learn about:

The history of Hypnosis, where it came from

  • The myths and truths of hypnosis
  • Learn how to test suggestibility in clients
  • Understand different levels of trance
  • Learn about the Ericksonian approach to Hypnosis
  • The power of suggestion
  • How to work with a pendulum
  • Know when to use and when not to use Hypnosis, the regulations

NLP Coaching Practitioner Certification

This will enable you to coach a client using NLP and Time line Therapy™ Techniques. You will achieve an international certification that is accredited by the Coaching Division of the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (ABNLP). By using a combination of Time Line Therapy™ and NLP techniques you will be able to help your clients realise the success they want in life.  This is all you need to be able to start up as a coach, or comprehensively add to your existing coaching abilities and skill set.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards and core competencies are met by certification of NLP Coach. From research conducted by the Coaching Division of the ABNLP, it was demonstrated that NLP has the highest standards and coaching skills within the coaching arena.The ABNLP standards for the NLP Coach are so high and comprehensive that they meet or exceed the standards of every coaching organisation that was included for consideration


What you will learn

  • Learn about the importance of coaching and the NLP Coaching Cycle
  • Understand what Coaching is and what it means to be a successful NLP Coach
  • Learn about coaching with Neurological Levels (Dilts)
  • The different applications of NLP Coaching and well formed questioning
  • Learn how to create your coaching state and environment for excellent Coaching
  • How to give effective feedback to your coachee
  • Find out how other types of intervention differ from NLP Coaching
  • Learn a number of Frames for thinking about coaching and assisting your clients to achieve successful transformation
  • Discover what is required by your clients for them to change their lives
  • An introduction to the concept of our unconscious values and how they contribute to clients’ lives
  • Develop the ability to create a coaching session agreement

There are two parts to this course, firstly upon booking your place is pre-study, this is to ensure you have the necessary background learning to be ready to make the most out of the programme, secondly the 8 day course itself, this will be intense and challenging, thirdly demonstrations and assessments throughout the course.

Part 1 – Pre-Study:

As soon as you book or pay your deposit you will be shipped the following materials to help you make the best possible start to the course. 

20 professionally recorded audio tracks to begin listening to – this material is recorded by Dr Tad James and is designed to introduce you to the content and theory of the techniques in advance of the live Training. These will provide you with the foundation of your NLP knowledge and understanding so as to assist you in achieving your outcomes during the live Training

One of two comprehensive course manuals to support your understanding of the audio training
Three text books to begin your understanding of the NLP and Time Line Therapy™ content
An open-book test, which requires successful completion and submission prior to the live Training
Feedback on your test and support with areas for development if required

nlp practitioner coach trainingYou will have access to your Trainer for support with the Pre-Study material via email and telephone should you require it. It is our intention that you achieve or exceed your outcomes for the Training, so support is available every step of the way to assist you in doing so.

Part 2 – The Live Training

Breakdown of the 8 day programme
4 Days NLP and Coach Practitioner
2 Days TLT
2 Days Hypnosis

During the training not only will there be demos every step of the way but you will be practising upon other delegates.

What can I do after successful completion of the NLP Practitioner Training?

  • Improve your career prospects
  • Set up a new business as an NLP Coach or alternative therapist
  • Improve and develop an existing coaching practice or therapeutic business
  • Develop your existing business
  • Offer Business Coaching and Consulting
  • Introduce new thinking and skills into your work place and business
  • Creating innovative training programmes in communication, influencing, selling, negotiating
  • Generating new business and ongoing contracts for existing companies
  • Work in learning and development using advanced learning techniques
  • Create Weight Management Programmes
  • Offer Smoking Cessation
    Phobia and OCD Clinics
  • Work with releasing low mood, stress, anxiety, trauma and/or PTSD
  • Become a Relationship and communication improvement specialist
  • Develop performance programmes for athletes or sales staff
  • Improve confidence, self-esteem and self-worth

Creating the life that you want…

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Schedule & Map

Latest Training Dates, max 6 places only

13th -20th March 2021, 5th - 12th June 2021, 9th - 16th October 2021, 4th - 11th December 2021

Victoria Hall, Bolton

37 Knowsley Street, Bolton. BL1 2AS

To register for one of 6 available places, call 01204 282717 or email information or complete the contact form.

* Early Booking price £1650 (Available NOW!), Standard price £2000. Payment options available. Please contact to discuss how you can benefit.
Act now as there is a pre-study commitment which will take time and participants who do not complete in advance will not able to start the course.