“There is no end to our perfection. We are designed to constantly grow, to develop, there is no end to our perfection” (Graves).

Using NLP helps us to grow and develop, to be more complete and to get the results that we want in life, in our career, in sport and in our relationships.

NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy® gives us a way of removing our negative emotional baggage; the stuff we carry about over the years weighing us down on our shoulders or manifesting elsewhere physically. We have five major negative emotions – anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt under which subsets such as worry, anxiety, grief for example.

Time Line Therapy® allows us to release those negative emotions and get rid of all that emotional baggage, it is a powerful experience!

We also use Time Line Therapy® to set our goals and create the future that we want in combination with NLP Coaching.

How will you feel once you have got rid of your emotional baggage? Then when you have the room to grow, think about your growth and how you want to develop?

Contact me for a no obligation discussion to see if Time Line Therapy® is for you.

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