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Rod Hahlo from New Perspective NLP explained: “I realised that there would be many people out there whose genuine fear of needles and being given injections would prevent them from having the inoculations against Covid-19.

“This is so important currently that I just felt I’d like to give something back and help as many people as I could overcome their fears.”

Rod had a working life in learning and development in organisations including the NHS before going fully self-employed early last year. He works with people who need to “find empowerment and take back control of their lives”, tackling problems like anxiety, Impostor Syndrome and self-limiting beliefs to find confidence.

He became a Trainer and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – the practice of excellence, how people think and create their behaviours to reach success. He has since helped a large number of local business people and individuals and also trains people to become NLP practitioners.

The extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles has an official name – Trypanophobia – and is thought to affect as much as 10 per cent of the UK population. This fear often relates back to a childhood experience.

So far, Rod has had great success with his NLP approach to this problem and is currently working online. He stated that most people usually needed two to three sessions of 45 minutes to an hour each to lose their needles’ fear.

(Bolton News 28th January 2021)

My work with those who had a fear of needles or injections caught the attention of the local media.

Using approaches from NLP incorporating Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy has provided successful results and changed the lives of many people who once thought that they might never have the vaccination(s).

Radio interview with Bolton FM.

On the Mind Your Own Business show – interview with Tracy Heatley on Real Life Radio 

As an NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer, Rod has all the NLP tools for making change.  This, combined with years of organisational coaching and development, plus his hypnotherapy expertise, Rod has the full coaching and training toolkit. Listen to my interview and choices of songs along the way.

Rod Hahlo New Perspective NLP

George's Coaching Story

I contacted Rod after my marriage had broken down. I tried some general counselling through my GP but I needed something different and thought NLP may be for me. 
When I first met Rod I was feeling worthless, depressed, lost, alone and with no purpose. Rod was very patient with me, listened to my thoughts and feelings and set me on the track of NLP.
I enjoyed the activities we carried out which really got me thinking of what I wanted, putting myself as first priority, giving myself focus and purpose and loving myself again. We concentrated on goals important to me and my needs. Rod guided me every step of the way. 
thank you RodFollowing Rod’s instructions and guidance and learning new ways of thinking I got rid of my emotional baggage which made such a difference to me. Using different terminology, along with working on myself in between sessions really helped. The skills and knowledge learnt are built in now so will help me in every day life and going forward into the future. 
Following Rod’s instructions and guidance and learning new ways of thinking I got rid of my emotional baggage which made such a difference to me. Using different terminology, along with working on myself in between sessions really helped. The skills and knowledge learnt are built in now so will help me in every day life and going forward into the future. 
I feel like a new person now just after a couple of months. I haven’t felt this energised, alive or happy with myself and life like this for a long time. He truly is a life saver and I am now confident and excited about what’s to come for me and my family in the future. Georgina, NHS Manager.

"This is the best training I have been on as a coach"

Dancing for joy with NLPThe NLP TimeLine Therapy® and Hypnotherapy Training is without doubt one of the best courses you could embark upon in terms of self development, mastery and offering effective tools to help your client reach their outcomes / goals.
The content is very thorough and the pre-course material is amazing.  This is the best training I have been on as a coach.
Sharon, Life Coach, Physiotherapy and Property Investment business owner.

“Be prepared for Change!”

Smiling with pride
You will not be the same person after you complete the course. The 8 days was very intense and by immersing myself, letting my unconscious mind free, I was able to gain real value from the course. I cried and laughed and also healed from past events. Its truly changed my life!
Farida, Independent Tropic Skincare Ambassador and Coach.

“It has helped me personally and professionally…”

to overcome some of the balancing NLPchallenges that I was facing. Godwin, Business Director, Sfedi Certified Executive Mindset Coach, and a DISC Master Trainer.

‘Lightbulb moments’ were common whilst working with Fraser


“A fantastic life changing experience!! Simply put if you are looking to understand more about you and are wanting to change you as a person for the better you need to speak to Rod Hahlo at new perspective. I have six sessions all different to help discover more about my current make up and start to formulate a plan on how to change my understanding of why I think and act the way I do. With a view to improve my personal and work relationships and improve productivity on sales. Some of these sessions are tough on you mentally they really make you dig deep into your unconscious mind to get you thinking about what makes you tick as a person the post meeting feeling you get after making a discovery of why you think why you think is unbelievable, is one that cannot be described (but I’ll try anyway).

“You feel inspired to implement a new practise, it is the light bulb moment of all light bulb moments, life literally becomes easy, You have a pathway in front of you so vivid, there is no way you can via off course. If you are wanting to make a positive change to yourself, your loved ones and others around you Rod can help. If you are wanting to improve your productivity or sales at work Rod can help. If you want to improve your marriage or relationship Rod can help. Invest in yourself and make a change for the better”.

Fraser, Wealth Manager and Investment Analyst

light bulb moment nlp

Watch our graduates and their experiences of the NLP Coach Practitioner Training

Sarah enrolled onto the NLP Coach Practitioner Training to improve her coaching skills. She found so much more value including about herself.

James a business owner from the Education sector who graduated in February 2022. He found answers and clarity to a business challenge.  

Meet, Val, a business owner who joined the programme for her own self development. She found so much more than expected…

Dave was unhappy at work and home struggling with anger

The first time I went to see Rod I didn’t really know what I wanted, I know what I didn’t want and that seemed to be my main focus. I was unhappy at work struggling with stress and anxiety with a lack of purpose and felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Being unhappy at work and in myself was also impacting on my personal life where I felt I was failing has a dad with short temper and snappiness and not being the greatest of partners. I felt I was stuck in a cycle that was spiralling getting more and more stressed and anxious getting more and more snappy which led to me feeling worthless.

am I good enough emotionsMy experience with Rod was fantastic, over 6 sessions Rod has helped me to discover more about what I want and to focus on that rather than what I don’t want. I’ve learnt a lot from the sessions about myself and how I interact with others, how I view the world around me. The skills and techniques that Rod has shown me are life changing and I will always have them with me.

Following the sessions I know feel energised and wake up every morning positive, looking forward to what the day will bring. I look forward to the future I want, I feel confident, positive and content and know that I am capable of anything. I can’t thank Rod enough.

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