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Four in One NLP Practitioner Personal Development Certification May 2024

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Rod Hahlo

NLP was a life-changing experience which started the most empowering of journeys. I believe that this can happen to anyone. I am passionate about connecting with my energy to create change for you.

Rod Hahlo Director of new perspective NLP

What our clients say

"NLP Practitioner Training has helped me personally and professionally… to overcome some of the challenges that I was facing."
Business Director, Coach and Trainer
"Rod's blend of coaching and mentoring, in a way that digs way deeper than the surface, was just what I needed. He did what really good coaching does, he helped me regulate emotions (e.g stuff I was scared of), process my thinking for greater clarity, and to take action. This was an experience that got to the root, way beyond a traditional coaching approach. This has, without doubt accelerated my business. "
Sue Orwin
Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner

Fully qualified and accredited

ABNLP American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming

ABNLP American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming - Trainer

Trainer of NLP New Perspective NLP

ABNLP American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming - Coach Trainer

Coach Trainer of NLP New Perspective NLP

Trainer of Master Timeline Therapy

Trainer of Hypnosis Hypnotherapy New Perspective NLP

American Board of Hypnotherapy - Trainer Level

Time Line TherapyTM New Perspective NLP

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