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We can adopt an NLP approach in so many contexts. Read or watch the success stories of our clients and students who have found their value and made the changes they wanted through our Trainings and Coaching.

Read our client successes

"When I first contacted you regarding my fears and as you know I had big fears . Flying was the worst... I had flown for work for years but seven years ago I just couldn’t do it anymore. AND IT WORKED - thank you so much . The process and the ease that you put me at was great. I also came to you to help with smoking and walked out of our sessions non-smoker... Since I have known you I have found it so easy to trust you and the methods used."
Terri Livingstone - Hypnotherapy Client
"I am very interested in wellbeing and a positive approach to life so this course ticked all the boxes...the most profound thing is the positive response within me since the course. I have never slept as well… The day after the course I felt completely different, so positive in my approach to life. I highly recommended it"
Stephanie Rowson
Beauty Therapist
"Just do it! Let go and open your mind to anything you will learn so much about yourself and how you and others communicate while unblocking barriers."
Kay Lavery
NHS Clinical Leader
"That it gives you the tools to expand your awareness and the knowledge you unlock within yourself is invaluable – you’ll use it for the rest of your life. It’ll make you feel powerful when making decisions and give you unlimited resources of confidence."
Nicola Hendry
Teaching Assistant and Therapy Business Owner
"It is self investment, self development in the most enlightening way. You learn about yourself in a way you never expected. This course really makes you think, broadens your neurology and develops your thinking in a fabulous way. Just do it!"
Claire Saunders
Business Owner
"The sessions with Rod gave me personalized guidance to enhance my communication skills, teaching me to articulate ideas effectively and navigate challenging conversations with greater skill. We also focused on leadership coaching which has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and areas for growth and how to lead with confidence. I feel empowered and ready to take on the world!"
NHS Lead Practitioner

Watch our client successes

Godwin, a business owner and executive coach found his value from the training.
Meet Farida, she embarked on a journey to become a coach and run her own business.

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