Here at new perspective NLP, we use a holistic approach to our NLP Coaching. We believe in working with the client and their mind as a whole. We work together with clients to create a unique blend of all NLP approaches, whether its using NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and or Hypnotherapy bespoke to their needs. Coaching can take place over a pre-determined block of sessions to ensure value for money. Each session lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours to ensure clients have all the time they need to relax and get into the session. For those short on time, we can arrange an entire day to focus on the client and their challenge(s), this is called a Breakthrough Day.

The benefits of coaching

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Coaching for individuals

This is offered one to one either privately or corporately in a face to face or online format. Face to face coaching takes place in our Bolton office at the University of Bolton Arena, Horwich near to all major motorways and train links, in a purposefully designed comfortable environment.

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Coaching for teams

NLP Coaching is the difference that makes the difference for teams and performance in the workplace. This bespoke offering is used by a variety of clients from micro businesses, SMEs to larger. Coaching can focus on any aspect of relationships within teams to encourage improved performance, whether its team building, team dynamics or aligning (or re-aligning) team values. These can be addressed in a group coaching format or mixture of individual and group work upon discussion. Get in touch to find out how we can make a difference.

What people say about our coaching

"The sessions with Rod gave me personalized guidance to enhance my communication skills, teaching me to articulate ideas effectively and navigate challenging conversations with greater skill. We also focused on leadership coaching which has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and areas for growth and how to lead with confidence. I feel empowered and ready to take on the world!"
NHS Lead Practitioner
"Following individual coaching our Senior Management Team came together as a group for a day where it was evident that by being encouraged to think differently and consider problems from other colleagues’ perspectives our relationships had dramatically improved allowing us to work more effectively together...this has been a very positive and rewarding experience. I would recommend both individual and team coaching to anyone..."
Kathryn Gaskell Do Carmo
NHS Senior Leader
"My personal coaching sessions working with Rod at New Perspective Coaching and Training Ltd helped me to identify my current management style allowing me to see clearly both my skills and areas which required improvement. I was able to identify how my current management style could be perceived by others and how to develop tools and techniques which would allow me to get the best from my team and would have the greatest benefits on my role as a leader."
Kathryn Gaskell Do Carmo
NHS Senior Leader
"Rod's blend of coaching and mentoring, in a way that digs way deeper than the surface, was just what I needed. He did what really good coaching does, he helped me regulate emotions (e.g stuff I was scared of), process my thinking for greater clarity, and to take action. This was an experience that got to the root, way beyond a traditional coaching approach. This has, without doubt accelerated my business. "
Sue Orwin
Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner
"I met Rod for a coffee through networking. Just the coffee set me on a better clearer path in life. I asked Rod if we could have some sessions and each one has been incredible. I leave with new vigour and we've been working on me unlocking my potential. It's been so much more than I expected and I have taken way more quicker steps than I would have if I hadn't met Rod. Thank you"
Mark Berry
Program Manager
"I have attended two of New Perspective NLP introductory workshops and I can highly recommend Rod Hahlo for his fab delivery, skills and knowledge. Really enjoyable workshops on both occasions and I learnt a lot that I can now put into practice. Met some great people too!"
Val Dickinson

Fully qualified and accredited

ABNLP American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming

ABNLP American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming - Trainer

Trainer of NLP New Perspective NLP

ABNLP American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming - Coach Trainer

Coach Trainer of NLP New Perspective NLP

Trainer of Master Timeline Therapy

Trainer of Hypnosis Hypnotherapy New Perspective NLP

American Board of Hypnotherapy - Trainer Level

Time Line TherapyTM New Perspective NLP

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