Overcome fear of flying

Around 6.4 million (one in ten of the population) have a fear of flying or excessive worry of air travel which impacts upon our health and wellbeing. As we anticipate a change in flying restrictions in the UK, a surge of demand for booking holidays has started.

Fear, phobias and anxiety can hold us back, to the extent in some cases that it becomes an occupation. During the holiday season a fear of flying can become a major barrier to enjoying a holiday. This may result in medication and / or excessive driving and it doesn’t have to be this way.

Mind body connection

As the mind is linked to the body, the impact of a fear or phobia can manifest in different ways. I recall a client who’s body reacted to fear of flying by exhibiting severe IBS symptoms a week before departure. This mean’t a weeks’ holiday was impossible, it had to be longer. This was before we started working on their fear resulting in no IBS symptoms before, during or after flying.

Remove fears and phobias

There are two ways we work with clients to release fear, anxiety and / or phobias. One is using NLP and Time Line Therapy®, the second is using Hypnotherapy.

To remove a fear of flying there is no need to reinforce the fear or the experience. It starts with understanding that there will have been a time when we did not have that fear. That we will not have had fear for all of our life (although it may feel that way). Fear is the second of our five major negative emotions, (anxiety and worry are subsets of fear). The other major negative emotions being Anger, Sadness, Hurt and Guilt. We can use Time Line Therapy® to release all our negative emotions including fear, as part of a process to remove emotional ‘baggage’. You know, the baggage that we carry metaphorically around on our shoulders, weighing us down and getting in the way of living the life we want.

As you might imagine after getting rid of their emotional baggage clients feel so much lighter. They are now in a different place, re-energised and ready to start moving forward on their terms. So, if you want to overcome this fear and want to move forward on your terms, get in touch

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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