Wellbeing and NLP

Looking after wellbeing is key to good health. In this world of busyness (yes it’s become a word!) and if we are not careful, we can end up being ‘always on’. Like the many gadgets that we may own and surround us they get charged up… what do you do to charge yourself up?

NLP offers a huge variety of resources to draw upon to improve wellbeing. The most important being nlp coaching, inner values work, hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy®.

We can use these resources to overcome what holds us back (such as confidence, procrastination, low energy, anxiety, self doubt, limiting beliefs, stress, burnout, unresourceful mindset, bad habits, depression and phobias) from getting the results we want.

Key to making change is understanding that nlp works with the unconscious mind, the ‘driver of your bus’.  So, to achieve lasting effective change, we need to work with the bus driver from the start and not the passenger (your conscious). For when the bus turns, everyone on the bus turns.

Curious? To understand more about how NLP can improve wellbeing and experience some demonstrations come to the next Improve Your Wellbeing Event or contact.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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