How is your balance?

You may be thinking that something is not quite right on the inside and it’s hard to find the right words – it seems like there is no balance.

You may be feeling out of sorts.

Or hearing critical voice.

Or focusing more on what’s wrong rather than right

Or it might be all of the above.


When we talk about change, it is usually in a reactive sense rather than proactive. It requires an ‘event’ of some kind which we find ourselves taking action as a result. What was the last ‘event’ that you experienced which you found yourself taking action after? How intense was the experience of the event and did you regret not taking action sooner?

In business, we spend resources on mitigation, planning to ideally avoid or reduce experiencing an ‘event’ occurring at all. If proactive action can be taken, then there is focus on taking it. In sport, time is spent on tactics and planning to reduce the likelihood of ‘events’ like poor performance. In learning and education, time and energy are spent on preparation to avoid any surprises as well as on learning from past experiences.


So what about ourselves? There is no reason when dealing with life conditions that we should not mitigate also. We want to avoid things becoming worse before taking action. Yet we wait for the events to push us into action. By being proactive we can begin sooner.

Sooner to move focus from negative to positive
To listen to our inner voice
To find words for what is really going on
To find balance
To reconnect to ourselves

Which gives us back control and empowerment to move forward. By owning we gain the positive. If you want to regain your balance and start the work, get in touch.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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