We all know the amazing transformation that caterpillars undertake to become butterflies. How does the process of transformational change apply to ourselves when considering nlp life coaching?

When considering change, for some, the first reaction is that of absolute fear, they want to run away. For others it’s the opposite, “yeah, bring it on!” with all variations in between.

My experience of change

I can relate completely. For me, launching an NLP Coaching and Training business was scary yet extremely exciting all at the same time! It didn’t happen overnight. When I was at the caterpillar stage I spent time ‘wriggling’ over working out what I was doing and planning. There were questions, “What resources do I have and require?” “What kind of butterfly did I want to become?” “What would it be like to be that kind of butterfly, how would life work?” “What would be the impact on those around me?” “When am I ready to commit?” All of these and more wriggling around in my head. Until it was time when I knew I was ready.

Commit to change

When I commit to start working with clients, it’s really important to understand their need to become a butterfly. As we know, change is not always a comfortable nor predictable process and is not to be treated lightly. We check the ecology of making change, in other words is it right for them and those around them.

When a person makes a decision on change and fully commits to the process, this acts like a trigger. A trigger in their mind which fires a ‘starting pistol’ setting off a series of events. A journey which lasts around 8-12 weeks and results in becoming a butterfly.

The journey is not over, we work on ensuring the client is ready to re-integrate. To comfortably and confidently go back into a world where they were viewed as a different self compared to now.

So, who wants and feels ready to become a butterfly?

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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