Feel stuck at this time?

Who feels stuck and overwhelmed? It can be easy at the moment especially as we are surrounded by uncertainty. This can be due to what is said (for example on the media and social media) that isn’t clear, or what is not said, which is equally unclear – making us feel trapped. We may feel stuck in our career, job or relationships and a fear of uncertainty can be involved.

Feeling this way

When we feel this way, we are not the best person we want to be. We are not displaying our best behaviours to those around us through what we say and our actions. It doesn’t feel too good on the inside either, using up our energy. The use of our energy in this situation is key as energy levels can feel low making finding traction a challenge.

What can we do about it?

Firstly, we need to check if it’s of our making. It may seem a little odd but sometimes being stuck can be a choice. A choice of inaction, therefore a choice of not doing something for a purpose rather than a choice of action. This can indicate a barrier of some kind which may be limiting our thinking or even a limiting belief. If we have made that choice we need to ask ourselves: “For what purpose am I making this choice? or “How is this a problem?” Listen to your reply.

Where are we stuck?

If it’s not something we created and we are in overwhelm, let’s consider where are we stuck.

In the detail or the big picture?

That well known phrase, ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’, (think of all the energy you are using focusing on the detail) is a good example of being stuck in the detail. If we are in this situation and cannot find a way out, ask yourself ‘for what purpose am I stuck?’

If we are stuck in the big picture, for example unable to find clarity due to constantly creating and evolving possibilities (think of all the energy you are using focusing on this) ask yourself ‘how specifically am I stuck?’

You will need to repeat the same question a few times then notice that you may find a small shift, that’s all that’s needed to start to move in the desired direction.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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