Hair & Change

I am going to be brave and ask…how are you and your hair getting on?

Your current relationship with your hair can be an indicator for how we are handling change at the moment.

Are you accepting? “Yay, this is me! I would never have done this before, am enjoying this look”
or maybe in denial? “I’m not looking at my hair!”
or perhaps not even noticing?

What will you do when we move into the future – will you keep it, perhaps with a few modifications as you noticed that you are enjoying the new look?
Will you get it cut as you want to return to how it was, as that is what you feel most comfortable with?
It doesn’t matter, as your focus is on other things?

What might this say about you and change?

Embracing change can be liberating and hugely empowering, it can feel very different, exciting, as you leave your comfort zone behind. Notice how it starts on the inside before moving to the outside. Like NLP coaching, transformational for those who want to embrace and own their change.

In NLP we believe you always have a choice in how you respond – this is what gives you control and personal power. If you want to gain control inside you contact me for a free consultation.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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