Who lives under labels?

Any perfectionists struggling under the pressure? Any lonely ‘superheroes’ who want a change of role but feel trapped with low energy?

I am not meaning food labels or those on clothing for example, but those we form in our heads. That we create from how we interpret what happens around us into what we feel, our pictures, sounds and ‘self talk’. This is part of a communication process that we go through in our mind with any external event which finishes with behaviour.

Labels impact our beliefs, energy and the way we perceive ourselves. This can effect for example, health, relationships and confidence. Aside from our own labelling, there are labels from others which we may also accept or are put upon us (including parents and the media).

For example, let’s say you were taking up a new sport, and formed a label of enthusiastic beginner. How accepting were you of yourself making mistakes and getting poor results compared to later on, when more proficient (label) at the same sport? Or for those of us who are handling variations of the label of ‘perfection’. At a time when energy is at a ‘premium’ in these uncertain times, to maintain such labels will require so much energy. My thoughts are with the many parents handling the pressure of ‘superstar’ or ‘superhero’ whilst juggling parenting, home schooling and working at this time.

When working with NLP we respect that everyone has their own model of the world from individual interpretation of external experiences and events through a series of filters. Key to moving forward and changing or overcoming those labels is to understand how we do this. This is learned either as part of one to one coaching or is integral to the NLP Practitioner training.

So perfectionists, superheros and others support is available. Ready when you are?

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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