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Hypnobirthing is about letting go, letting go of misconceptions, assumptions and fear about the natural process of giving birth. Ultimately letting the female body do exactly what it has been designed to do.

Hypnobirthing overview

As a highly experienced hypnotherapist, I work with both mum to be and partner on their journey to giving birth.

I will teach you how to relax and release fear and anxiety about the birthing process. This will prepare mum to be, to experience a comfortable and powerful birth by sharing the power of hypnosis for deep relaxation.

Contrary to some misconceptions, I will not be at the birth – that’s the role of the midwife.


Bespoke approach for both mum to be and partner

5 sessions plus introductory

Each session lasts 1-1.5 hrs

Anytime from 12 weeks  onwards

Completion by 35 weeks

Takes place at home

Includes personalised mp3’s

Session 1 – Demystifying Hypnosis

Learn about the history, truths, misconceptions of hypnosis and what it can do. Get a taster of relaxation using hypnosis.

Session 2 – The Power of Relaxation

Focusing upon the power of relaxation during pregnancy and birth and the importance of how mum and her partner can create the right environment for relaxation to happen. Learning and experience of hypnosis between partners.

Session 3 – Control and Empowerment

When a couple feel in control of their birthing plan they feel empowered, empowerment leads to confidence and relaxation. Learning and experience of hypnosis between partners.

Session 4 – The Environment of Choice

The more empowered a couple feels the relaxed they can be, the more relaxed they are, the more comfortable the birth. Learning and experience of hypnosis between partners.

Session 5 – Labour and Birth

The onset of labour is what all of the sessions lead up to, this session is focused all upon relaxation including techniques around breathing. Learning and experience of hypnosis between partners.

(Between each session there will be recorded mp3 tracks to listen to and practice work to complete)

Next steps

Next steps are to arrange a discussion to answer queries, give more detail about the process and share expectations.  Contact me now to book a pressure free meeting.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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