New Course – NLP For Educators

Suitable for Educators, in Teaching, Presenting, Human Resources & Learning and Development

  • Do you need to engage learners effortlessly?
  • Do you need to motivate learners easily?
  • Do you present, speak or work with groups on a regular basis?
  • Want to improve quality of your connection? (Not bandwidth!)
  • Get your message across first time and save time

Engage and motivate others with ease

We all recognise that being at our best is crucial when we work with others. NLP offers a comprehensive toolkit in motivation, communication and relationships, ensuring we stay at the top of our game. 

Everyone understands the value of building rapport and relationships. Using rapport allows us to develop relationships quickly in both groups and one to one, whether it’s speaking, presenting, training or teaching. This is why our learners start their learning journey by focusing on using language combined with sensory acuity.

As an educator, Presenting, speaking and engaging with groups can be daunting, learn techniques to ensure you perform at your best.

  • Build your ideal learning environment
  • Hold attention to be able to retain and recall easily
  • Advanced communication skills
  • The art of metaphors for problem solving and solution finding
  • Personal development techniques
  • Maintain self care

Create the ideal learning environment

On the NLP for Educators course, participants learn how to create the ideal learning environment. Holding attention and engaging audiences with confidence so that they retain and recall learning easily. Ensure learners get your message first time with advanced communication and language skills including using metaphors.

During the development journey learners will experience and acquire tools to maintain self care.

Practice latest personal development techniques in a dedicated environment to take back into the workplace and make an immediate difference in your field and sector.

Immerse yourself for 5 days on our small group Certified NLP for Educators Programme.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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