Introducing our latest graduates

So proud of our latest graduates, on completing the Four in One NLP training in June 2021. The graduates come from a variety of backgrounds: Coaching, Executive Coaching, Property Investment, Therapies and Business showcasing the value that NLP adds. 

After completing their pre-course preparation, they were more than ready to handle the accelerated 8 day training comfortably.

Now they are diversifying their existing offer and starting anew to be confident working with clients on the many challenges that we face today.

What sort of challenges you may ask? 

Challenges in life such as people lacking confidence or self belief, having limiting beliefs, carrying emotional baggage from the past around with them, being angry, having fears and phobias for example of needles or flying, relationships and dating.

Challenges in the workplace such as motivation, procrastination, presentation skills, public speaking, managing own behaviour and influencing others, negotiation and sales. 

So what was their experience like? See what one of our graduates have to say about their experience…

Self Care and NLP

Our graduates will be able to not only work with clients, they will also be able to manage themselves as every technique and intervention can be used on self. Self care and wellbeing are so important to all of us as we move forward from the last 15 months. It is one of our most important learnings and for our graduates one of the most valuable assets that they will take from the training. 

If you are curious about the Accelerated NLP Practitioner training experience and what NLP can add value for you in life or work then get in touch

Experience as a Trainer of NLP

For myself, as a trainer of NLP  having worked with the group for 8 days continuously, the experience is like nothing else. I work sharing my energy with the energy of the group and receiving theirs in return, allowing me to be at my best for the duration of the training. It is a special day on the final day of the training knowing that it is coming to an end and that a new journey is beginning for the students.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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