5 Steps To Improve Your Day

Want to improve your day? I was really pleased to kick off the first meeting of the New Year with a presentation to my fellow business networking club members. I offered five steps to improve your day which are easy to implement. So here they are for you.

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Step 1 Be more TREE!  

Trees sway in the wind, they maintain their strength by being flexible. If they were rigid they would fall over. This is particularly relevant to change. The person with the most flexibility of behaviour will feel in control compared to a person with rigid behaviour. What behaviours did you exhibit over the last two years, were you more flexible or rigid? What would serve you better this year to get results?

Step 2 Watch out for DON’T!

The mind does not process negatives directly. For those of you with children, when has using the word ‘don’t’ produced a positive result? There is a reason for using the phrase ‘mind the gap’ rather than using ‘don’t’.

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Step 3 You have choice

If someone says they ‘can’t’, they are choosing not to (can-not). This means they also can. This is a choice – be comfortable in that choice. So actively choose to or choose not to, remember the choice is yours and you can do either.

Step 4 There is no failure, only feedback

Adopt a learning mindset – we are ‘built’ to learn.  If an event occurs in a way which was unintended, learn from it, integrate the learning and move forward using the learning.

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who is in charge?

Step 5 Lose the ‘but’ gain the ‘and’

Avoid using the word ‘but’ instead replace with ‘and’. This is a great way to make a change to your thinking by using your language. ‘But’ can be considered as a ‘blocker’ to productivity. Think about the last time you said or heard someone say ‘but’, was it useful or productive in any way? After all, who owns ‘but’?

Over to you

You can choose to adopt one step at a time until you are comfortable with each or just pick one and go with it. Enjoy the change and more importantly notice the results.  

Contact me on how I can help you take the steps to change easily with NLP Coaching or NLP Training.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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