Back To Busyness Are You Ready?

It might start with the washing, ironing, haircuts, clothes, progressing to stationery, bags and other items.  There’s logistical challenges lying in wait, commutes littered with hurdles and roadworks requiring constant reassessment of journey, school runs, school clubs, gym sessions who is picking who up and when? That’s just the practical getting back to the busyness, then it’s down to you, what resourceful mindset do you need to get prepared and move forward easily and effortlessly through the next months?

3 practical tips to get your mindset ready

Set your intention and focus on the end result

Flex your thinking

Celebrate the wins

Set Your Intentions, Gain Clarity

Like any other aspect of expected change its important to set intentions. It could be a goal or a series of outcomes, either way let’s get it clear in our minds. Some questions to ask yourself are:

What specifically do you want? (rather than what you don’t want)

Where are you now in relation to this outcome? (This is your reality check!)

How will you know when you have it?

Describe it as if you have it now, what will you see, hear and feel?

By now you should have more clarity.

Flex Your Thinking

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed as we get ready to go back to busyness. Change is all around us, new patterns to be found which in time may become routines as we strive to make sense. In addition, there are also lots of external input from media and social media contributing to uncertainty.

When we feel in overwhelm, we are not the best person we want to be. We may not display our best behaviours through what we say and our actions to ourselves and those around us. It doesn’t feel good inside using up our energy. The use of our energy in this situation is key as energy levels can vary, making finding traction to move forward, a challenge.

How can we take action?

Firstly, we need to check if it’s something that we created by ourselves. For some a choice of inaction rather than action giving some gain. This can indicate a barrier of some kind which may be limiting our thinking. We need to ask ourselves “for what purpose am I choosing to this”? Listen to the reply in your head.

If it’s not something that has been created by ourselves and we are in overwhelm, the we need to consider where we are – are we in the detail or in the big picture?

We all know the phrase, ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’, (think of all the energy you are using focusing on when in the details). If we are overwhelmed in the details and cannot find a way out, ask yourself “for what purpose am I …?”

If we are overwhelmed in the big picture, catastrophising and unable to find clarity due to constantly creating and evolving possibilities (think of all the energy you are using) ask yourself ‘how specifically am I…?’

You will need to repeat the same question a few times to notice that you find a small shift, that’s all that’s needed to start to move in the desired direction.

Celebrate The Wins

At every step of the way notice the wins, no matter what size, big or small. Every week or fortnight reflect back on the positives reliving them to create your mental ‘muscle memory library’ for reference.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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