Crimbo Limbo

It’s ‘Crimbo Limbo’ Time

That almost strange time between  Christmas (Crimbo) and New Year where it’s time to draw a breath in readiness for what’s to come. Allowing things to settle, physically and mentally after the first part of the festivities. You may well be feeling a little lost or unoccupied at this time which is not surprising having followed a form of ritual during the last few days knowing where and when you should be and with who, doing what. Then there’s this time, now, almost suspended in limbo after Crimbo and before New Year.

It may feel emotional, over analysing what we should be doing or have done which can add unwanted additional pressure. Question is how to spend this time which is right for you?

There may be opportunities to do different and explore, start new routines, continue existing ones, dive into the busyness of family or just be and enjoy the now. Or we could spend time by reflecting upon the past, present and what we want from the future.

So, for those who wish to do this in a spare moment, here are a few guided questions to aid your thinking and get you going:


What have been your wins for 2022? (Whatever size or quantity)

What have you learned about yourself over the last 12 months?

What surprised or excited you most in 2022?

What made you happiest (in yourself)?


Where are you now?

What are your emotions about being here?

Is this a place to reside or move on? (be honest with yourself!)

If reside, what will enhance your experience further?

If move on, what will it take to take a tiny step forward?


What are your intentions for next year?

By achieving your intentions, where can that take you and how will you feel?

How will you know you are there?

How will you celebrate your success?

What will you say to yourself looking back to now when you first thought about these questions?

In NLP we use the brains’ reticular activating system (RAS) when planning our future, setting goals consciously in order for the mind to chase the goals unconsciously. In other words, for us to become more aware of opportunities to take and move forward in realising our results that we might otherwise have been unaware of.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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