How does NLP help Coaches to Coach better?

How does NLP help me as a coach?

This is a commonly asked question I get from Exec Coaches, Life Coaches, Coaches of various kinds and those seeking a change of career to focus more fully on coaching as a business. The short answer is “more than you can ever know, right now” which, although true, does not help at this moment. To appreciate the answer you need an understanding of what NLP is first before what it can do. So read on and enjoy.

NLP is not a badge. Its best described as a journey of self-development to gain an approach to use anytime, anywhere.  To graduate as a Coach Practitioner, you will be learning and working with real clients as well as being a client yourself dealing with real challenges and problems.

NLP is the study of excellence and how we can model it to use on ourselves to get results. Learning NLP on our accredited training allows you to understand, getting the those “ah ha” moments to empower yourself to make the changes that you want for yourself.

In a nutshell NLP is like a handbook or instruction manual for the mind in order to get results. NLP is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. By understanding language and its impact upon thinking and behaviour, you can make change in all areas of life for yourself and clients rapidly.

In personal and professional development, NLP is a model of success that upon learning and experiencing you can adopt and find your difference, ultimately your best version of self to be in the best place to coach clients.

Let me give you an example, there is a term in cooking called ‘sous vide’ (vacuum sealing food then immersing in warm water) – all the chefs and keen cooks are very familiar with this process nowadays. The rest of us are unaware or haven’t heard of it as we are not as interested in cooking. Same with NLP!

People who are interested in personal development have heard of NLP, that’s very much how I found NLP when I was a coach.

NLP Coaching is the ultimate upskilling for coaches, it takes existing skills and abilities and accelerates them further. Let’s take a fundamental skill in coaching of listening (some call it active listening) as an example.

An NLP trained coach will listen intently to the words and language a client is saying so that they can:

Gain understanding of the ‘model of the world’ that the client is living in (in relation to their challenge)

Use words and language to question and identify what the deep structure of the real problem is, hiding behind the surface (which the client is not aware of consciously and bring into their awareness)

Use words and language to loosen their ‘grip’ on the problem or challenge to let go.

Use words and language to embed new thinking and behaviour to move forwards.

This is just one of the many skills that are included in the NLP toolkit.

NLP offers many options to help clients overcome whatever is holding them back rapidly and effectively using language and an amazing toolkit. This represents value to your clients as well as enabling you to spend your time effectively. Say you get a client who has a limiting belief that they are not good enough – a trained NLP Coach Practitioner can remove this in as quickly as 15 mins.

NLP Coach Practitioners are trained to work confidently at any level with clients on a wide range of challenges in work and in life, a holistic approach resulting in empowered change.

Here are a few areas NLP coaches can work on:

Limiting beliefs, Confidence, Anxiety*,Fears*, Phobias*, Relationships, Mindset, Motivation, Procrastination,  Health, Wellbeing, Self Care, Stress*, PTSD*, Trauma*, Presentation or Test Nerves, Goal Setting, Being Best Version of Self, Interview Skills, Language, Sales, Marketing.

*Using Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy (in combination with NLP, additional certifications)

In essence, NLP offers more options that a coach can use with clients and to retain clients.

Have a look at some client work examples on our feedback page.

It is a blended approach, a bit like creating the perfect ‘smoothie’ for each client resulting in their success. As we are all individual and we respond differently to different ingredients in ‘smoothies’.

We operate by using a blended approach of the following:

NLP & NLP Coaching – using language, rapport and other techniques (thirteen in total)

Time Line Therapy® – a powerful content free approach used to release negative emotional baggage ‘weighing’ us down collected over time (Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt). Used for anxiety, worry, stress, fears, low mood, phobias, trauma and goal setting.

Hypnosis – can be used for many of our day to day challenges eg stress, relaxation, creativity, fears, phobias and embedding new behaviours.

So the ultimate approach to coaching is to complete all four certifications which we offer on the 4 in 1 training. There is another version where delegates can complete the Coach Practitioner which is the NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach certifications (2 in 1).

Trained NLP Coach Practitioners are able to work with a variety of clients in all sectors:

Wellbeing, Business, Education, Health, Personal Growth and Sport.

Here are some examples of what previous students have gone onto do:

Improve your career prospects

Set up a new business as an NLP Coach or alternative therapist

Improve and develop an existing coaching practice or therapeutic business

Develop your existing business

Offer Business Coaching and Consulting

Introduce new thinking and skills into your workplace

Creating innovative training programmes in communication, influencing, selling and negotiating

Generating new business and ongoing contracts for existing companies

Work in learning and development using advanced learning techniques

Creating wellbeing programmes

Phobia and OCD Clinics

Low mood, stress, anxiety, trauma and/or PTSD specialists

Relationship and communication improvement specialists

Developing performance programmes for athletes, sales staff

Leadership development training

Improving confidence, self-esteem and self-worth

Creating the life of your dreams

We offer both face to face and online options.

For a discovery call get in touch.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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