How NLP Can Improve Your Recruitment Process

Use NLP to navigate your way through the recruitment maze, making decisions with ease to get the right candidates.

Are you missing out on hiring the right candidates for the job?

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Ever find months later you regret a recruitment decision?

Sometimes, we can get lost in the recruitment maze at the expense of identifying the precious inner key qualities and attributes that a candidate brings which make the difference.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is widely used in business and is becoming more and more essential to HR and recruitment processes. In this blog we will explain how NLP techniques can be applied to the recruitment process to make sure best fit candidates are hired.


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Interview processes can be challenging for all involved with many candidates frustrated by feeling they haven’t been able to give the most positive account of themselves due to nerves, performance anxiety and pressure.  To make the interview as comfortable and effective as possible, it is the responsibility of the interviewer(s) to ensure the most positive experience to get the best results from candidates.. NLP can be used to identify quickly how different candidates communicate and how they respond to different types of communication. With this knowledge, interviewers can tailor the way they run the interview and build rapport quickly so candidates can give their best. It’s a win-win all round.

NLP can help interviewers learn so much more about the candidate opposite than they ever thought possible in such a short time. Using an NLP approach, interviewers can ask questions to identify candidate’s ‘patterns’ (strategies) for example around motivation, decision making, creativity and performance. Once determined, the interviewer can understand how a candidate may fit into a team or bring to the team and or organisation.


Using NLP Training, recruiters can quickly and easily recognise essential qualities needed from candidates to make consistent recruitment and shortlisting decisions with confidence. For example identifying candidates’ communication, motivation and leadership styles.

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Let’s take communication. During the interview, your candidate will communicate relying mostly upon one of the following approaches; visual (sight), auditory (sound), digital (logic) or kinesthetic (emotions).  With NLP training you will be able to notice and listen to language and identify which one a person is using. Do they use more words associated with visual such as ‘look’, ‘see’ or ‘view’ compared to auditory such as ‘sound’ as in ‘sounds right’ or ‘hear’. Or do they use more digital such as ‘sense’ or ‘know’ or perhaps more kinesthetic such as ‘grasp’ or ‘feel’ as in ‘feels right’. With this knowledge you gain valuable insight into their thinking, compare how they may fit into a team and accordingly flex your communication to match their ‘language’ to build rapport and get the best out of them.


Make the big decisions easily and effectively using NLP so that you get the right candidate with the right skills and right behaviours for the right role. What do you need for great decision making?

Aside from all the relevant information, you need to be in the right ‘mental’ place (we call it state) to make the decision. Being stressed, under time pressure, de-energised and not in control of emotions are all factors in poor decision making – do you really want to be like this whilst making a recruitment decision? Of course not, you want to be in a more resourceful state such as calm, controlled or open (what state or states will serve you most for making excellent recruitment decisions?) as this will improve your decision making. Students on our NLP training learn how to access exactly the right state for the right occasion.

Finally, test your decision out, risk assess the decision from all the angles. To do this adopt in turn a rational, emotional and intuitive (listen to your inner voice) position and explore each. This is another valuable technique students learn on our training to which they can apply to decisions, relationships and many day to day challenges we face in business.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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