Neuro Linguistic Programming Explained

Do you ever get a time when nothing seems to work?

When you press the buttons on the TV remote and no response?

When Google or Alexa ignore your voice commands?

When Spotify or streaming service plays the very tune you didn’t ask for?

Its not just tech. What about when people do not see you or hear what you are saying?

Drivers do not seem to see you, pulling out right in front of you?

man pulling hair out, nervous, nerves, overwhelm

What do you do?

You start to lose control, perhaps raise your voice, become frustrated, annoyed and still nothing happens!

Soo frus-tra-ting!

This is definately NOT a place to be! 

Speaking the right language explained

To explain, it’s as if no-one is speaking your language. This is how it can be with the relationship with your mind. You think you are asking for what you want and getting anything but! Resulting in crossed and confusing messages.

Its similar to ordering some food in a restaurant or take away and you receive a plate of nuts and bolts instead!

NLP is about improving your communication and relationships

So neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is learning to speak the language of your mind to get your results. Results are what matters to you, they are what you want in all contexts of life and work.

Beginning with self.

Who are you?

What does this mean? Well, this can be around peeling away the layers that have formed over time to find and reconnect to who you really are. It can be easy lose touch with who we are in times of stress and pressure. When you are there for others and put yourself last. This has been very evident in many clients I have worked with having experienced the pandemic

Self acceptance

Getting to a place where you can accept yourself for who you are is so important for those who want improved self esteem and to overcome what may go with it. Such as limiting beliefs we hold onto, feeling the weight of negative emotional baggage on our shoulders and start to really notice and appreciate who we see looking back at us in the mirror.

am I good enough emotions

Our thoughts become our reality

Let’s make a start by challenging our own model of the world around us, improving the clarity of our language and words that we use with ourselves to move forward on the journey to get to where you want to be, the best version of self.

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Rod Hahlo, Coach
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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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