Leadership and NLP

Combining NLP and Leadership is powerful

Leadership and NLP is a powerful combination. Think about it, NLP trained leaders are the difference that makes the difference. With the inside track to understanding self and others, they can get the job done saving precious time and resources. 

With heightened self awareness and possessing those essential skills and techniques NLP trained leaders are able to:

  1. Motivate self and others
  2. Improve the quality of connection in developing meaningful relationships at all levels
  3. Lead and influence as necessary at events including meetings, reviews, one to ones, appraisal, events and networking, 
  4. Negotiate or sell as necessary
  5. Manage own wellbeing to be at their best 

That’s not half the story, consider the impact that can be made to the challenges of mediation, conflict resolution and enhancing the motivation of others to improve performance.

Get the message across first time

Graduates of NLP Coach Practitioner Training possess excellence in communication skills able to adjust the message whilst calibrating audiences to get it across right, first time, every time. How often do you find time is wasted repeating the message?

What makes a good leader?

When it comes down to it, it’s the basics which make the difference. A recent survey for HR  (2022) suggested the one and most important action a leader can do is thank and appreciate staff.

Let’s get it right

By not doing this in comparison to those who are thanked and appreciated, staff are more likely to do one of the following:
25% more likely to seek a new job
50% reduction in engagement
50% loss in respect
40% less likely to see their future in the organisation

It’s simple, or is it?

Thing is, it can get a little complicated as we are all have our own model of the world – in other words we all like to be thanked and appreciated in varied amounts and frequencies! Get it wrong and you can get exactly what you don’t want!
We also must mean it when thanking and appreciating others, the congruence between our words and physiology.

Benefits of NLP for Leaders

Learning to integrate an NLP approach into leadership gives us the benefits to:

  1. Say it as you want it
  2. Control your state or emotional condition and mindset to be the best version of self
  3. Ensure the message is received as intended
  4. Know the right time, in what amount and frequency any team member will respond best.
  5. Maximise your behavioural impact upon others for a win-win

If you want to realise an impact when thanking and appreciating, NLP trained leaders get it right, in the right way at the right time and with the right results. So if you want to make the difference with your leaders or leadership, then its worth having a conversation around NLP Training and what it can do for your organisation.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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