The Sum Of Your Parts

Parts Working Together

So proud of the England Lionesses and their performances in the Euros. What struck me as I watched them throughout the tournament, is their team behaviours, from support to celebration.

We all know team performance is the sum of its parts resulting in output. For success and to continue to get amazing results, a team must function as a whole. Building upon this foundation allows the players to show their strength by expressing their flair and creativity.

Going In The Wrong Direction

What about the opposite? When it goes wrong, a team reverts to a group of individuals with their own beliefs and behaviours, blame and excuses abound as they conflict with each other. This brings down a team, pulling them apart resulting in lack of direction and poor performance.

Just like a band or orchestra when every instrument is playing its own notes and rhythm. It would be a collection of individual noises rather than working in harmony resulting in a fantastic piece of music.  What kind of experience would that be like? You would definitely want your money back!

The Mind

The same goes for the mind, it functions best as a whole, not when there are parts. Ever heard or caught yourself at work or in life feeling trapped or inner turmoil with part of you wanting one thing and part of you wanting another? Have you ever felt torn in two and unable to move forward due to inner conflict? Its not good.

As you may imagine, parts within us have their own beliefs and behaviours as they conflict with each other creating huge impact. On the inside this can be such an intense and emotionally draining experience for an individual as energy and resources are drawn into the conflict (for some, lasting years).

Getting Results

Like a top performing team, we want to integrate parts, bring them together working for the whole to smash results. Just like we want the England Lionesses to do so tonight.

On our NLP training, Coach Practitioners learn how to integrate parts for clients experiencing inner conflict. Find out more information about our accredited NLP Training Programmes and how they can enhance your self development.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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