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We are talking about connection

What is Connection?

In short, connection is in everything we do, it’s the magic which happens during a process resulting in an outcome so much more than what goes in. You invest in your connection whether it’s time, energy or resources and depending upon what goes in will impact upon what comes out.

Why Is It Important?

Do you value making new connections for life or career or business?

How satisfied are you with your connection with self, right now?

Who would value some easy tips on strengthening your connection?

Connection can be internal and external. Lets start externally.

External Connections

Think about connectingexternally through formal and informal networks, meetings, colleagues in teams checking in and reconnecting with each other. New clients, existing and past clients online and offline. Connecting to friends, relations and pets. Through sport, Education, leisure, music, arts and events whether it’s supporting, performing, listening, learning or just being part of. Connection is everything, to ourselves, those close to us, family, friends, community, society and ultimately our place in the universe.

What do we get from connection?
When we connect with others we can exchange resources that make the difference, such as:

Energy – Think about your energy as a personal ‘temperature gauge’.  When we are feeling great, our engery is high, anything is achieveable and possible. When we are feeling low, our energy is low and its harder to get things done and live life the way we want to.  There is that saying ‘where attenttion goes, energy flows’.  So focus on what you want.

How many times have you found and created amazing when with others? Whether its achievements as part of a team or group which you never thought possible?

Feedback – There is no failiure, only feedback. All that  matters is feedback, its what we can learn from and adapt or change our behaviours accordingly.

Motivation – Are you motivated right now? Motivation is key to doing what we want to do, it is the opposite of procrastination which gets in the way of us doing what we want to do. Think about your connection with others, who motivates you when you are with them and why?

Kindess – When you were kind to another how did you feel? When were you last kind to yourself? Some of us find it easier to be kind to others rather than self. That may be due to the inner connection with self needing some work.

Now, when were you last kind to yourself? Some of us find it easier to be kind to others rather than self. That may be due to the inner connection with self needing some work. Ever hear the phrase ‘positively selfish’? Its about making sure you put the oxygen mask on first in order to help others.

Sometimes, in those moments, just what we really need, a hug.

Internal Connections

Let’s focus on internal connection(s). The mind body connection is your connection between mind and body. When you feel good in your mind, you experience it throughout your body.

We accumulate emotional baggage relating to anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt which ‘weighs’ us down. Know the saying “…carrying the weight on your shoulders…”? This is exactly how it is, there are no physical ‘weights’, just the ‘weight’ in the mind, and we feel it. We use an approach called Time Line Therapy® to release our emotional baggage and feel so much lighter after.

When you hear a new song and connect with it, where does it take you, what does it do for you?  What do you see,  hear, feel and say to yourself? We can use music to connect with emotion such as motivational, sad or romantic songs.

When you achieve something you are really proud of, what does that do for you? How does that make you feel inside?

When you are feeling super energised inside, notice how you are outside with all who you meet or interact with.

For some of us its all about the quality of connection, when you connect deeply with a person what happens inside? You may feel that you think in simliar ways, even similar thoughts or actions due to your quality of connection.

Connecting internally with self is so important for our wellbeing. Understanding more about our connection allows us to find:

What you care about. What really matters to you.

Your best self. When you are at your best what are you like? What are you able to achieve and how do you feel? How close are you to your best self? Many of us feel separated or too far away and want to get closer.

Your true self. Finding and exploring your true self will enable authenticity. Authenticity in your actions, decisions, behaviours and the day to day.

Your inner voice. Its so important to listen and recognise your inner voice. Improving the connection with your inner voice allows a congruence between head and heart working together. Too often we may hear different, even conflict from the head and heart, just think how much more powerful a proposition it will be, when both work together.

So how do we improve our connection?

4 Tips On Strengthening Your Connection

  1. Be kind to self. You are in a relationship with yourself! When you find you are getting undersired results, take a moment and pause. Ask yourself, “what do I reallly want, what did I focus upon?”
  2. Celebrate the small wins. Start to recognise and notice when this happens. How do you feel? What you say to yourself?
  3. Pay more attention to self – where attention goes, energy flows. Notice when you are feeling good and energised, notice when not (it could be a time of year, a day of the week, a moment during a day). what signs are there for each of these?
  4. Spend time with yourself, whether on a walk or other relaxing activity. Focus on being present in now because now matters, right now.

Growing Your Connection

Want support with your connection(s)?
That’s why NLP is a ‘do with’ process, not a ‘do to’. We want to help others Unlock their Potential so they can realise what they want and find success.

To improve your connection we start with internal. What is external is really internal, your perception is your projection.  Just like a seed of grass. The grass seed is contained within the blade of grass and the grass is contained within the seed.

Introducing our NLP Practitioner Training Programmes. This is your ultimate personal development training programme. Perfect for aspiring and existing coaches, therapists who want to make a difference to others.

To be able to work with others, we start with self. The most successful NLP Coaches are those who work with and maintain their relationship with self. Students on our accredited training learn NLP as a holistic approach for handling all the challenges of busy modern day life. They graduate successfully having experienced the practical in a fully supportive environment as a client as well as practitioner using a set of amazing tools and techniques.

Getting to know yourself better is just the start of your self development journey. Just think where you can travel to?

The latest details of trainings are here. Please get in touch for a more indepth conversation on training to suit your needs.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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