Be Your Greatest Gift in 2024

Towards the end of another year dominated by challenges, taking a little time to reflect upon self and re-centre could be the best ever gift. Here are our super seven gifts for you.

1 Be present!

Whilst there may be gifts around at this time of year, this is about giving of a different type. It’s about the gift of giving to self. It’s about being present, being in the room, being attentive and interacting to what’s going on around you. All without being distracted and glued to a mobile phone screen!

Think about this time as an opportunity to spend time recharging and re-energising. Leave work mentally as well as physically. If you are working from home close and lock your office door (with the laptop turned off fully!). Put a sign on saying “closed until (insert your opening date)” Set the expectation. If you are physically leaving work think of ways you can demonstrate to yourself that you have left (in addition to switching the out of office on!).

2 Be yourself!

At this time of year, it can be easy to end up so busy playing many other roles at the expense of being yourself. Whether it’s parent, partner, entertainer, peace keeper, cook the list goes on and on. A start is to become self aware by asking self “who am I being right now?” then to make change ask “who do I choose to be right now?” and bring into your conscious awareness.

3 Moving from ‘they time’ to ‘me time’.

It can be a time of year when everyone wants a ‘piece’ of you. This is about the importance of making some time for yourself. If it’s a really busy time of year for you then you will certainly benefit by taking and giving to yourself some ‘me time’ to recharge. This will help you to be better equipped for whatever is next rather than continuing without a break. It can be too easy to throw ourselves into events and occasions whilst knowing we are running on ’empty’ to fulfil those social obligations. We all know the saying about putting the oxygen mask on self first in order to help others. ‘Me time’ is a great opportunity for reflection upon your positives and learnings for the year. You could ask yourself, “Who am I now compared to who I was at this time last year?” This is a great way of measuring change.

4 Relax and surrender to taking time out

For some people it can be really challenging to switch in pace from busyness to something a littler slower. Just like with driving style we want a controlled slow down rather than experience the intensity of a forced stop.

A way to help with this is to include regular exercise or activities that you enjoy. This could be anything from walks, runs, indoor sports throughout this time. There is a large amount of research and information on the impact of nature on our mental wellbeing. Walking outside offers a great opportunity to practice being present, absorbing all of nature around you. If you are motivated by achievement, you could consider making relaxation and recharging new goals. How might you measure them? Perhaps a before and after for each time you do the activity or an overall before the festivities start, a middle and then towards the end. Notice the positive change it can give such as impact upon sleep, energy , decisions and concentration.

5 Focus Forward

Spend a little time thinking about what you want in 2024 and what will help you get there. Rather than resolutions let’s focus on intention. Make a list of your priorities for next year, is there a pattern or theme? Check on the list for where is self and personal growth. Personal growth is about developing yourself further, changing your thinking and mindset to get results. So, a different way of thinking starts by asking self “how do you want to be next year and what changes do you want to make?”

Additional questions to consider:

Which do you find you spend the most time on, spending time doing stuff or on the doing of stuff?

Do you want to find control over emotional output (anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt)?

Who wants to learn ways to unblock their thinking and move forward?

Find ways to connect to your mojo and positivity.

Are you ready to learn how to ‘own it’ by letting go and taking back control to be in charge of yourself.

What value would you find from the gift of exploring more of yourself, who you are and what is important to moving forward as the best version of you?

6 Surprise yourself!

Comfort zones are not for residing, it can get frustrating feeling stuck in comfort. What can you do to push yourself out of your comfort zone? What would you never do which may surprise you? Remember the saying, “…if you do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got” So if you want change, do different. It can take strength, courage and focus to achieve change and we are here to help. Think about a challenge that you may want to do or get involved with which is a win-win of making a difference and benefitting yourself as well as others. 

7 Set your intentions

After opening all of your presents so far, now is the time for the last. Set your intentions for 2024 with purpose and meaning.

What do you want?

Who do you want to be?

How you want to be?

Test each one by asking yourself, what will I gain from doing this, how will I feel? If there is enough value, you will do it, if there is not, you will not do it, so this means go back and spend more time adding even more value to making your change.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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