Everyday Fears That Get In The Way

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What are your everday fears holding you back from? The everyday fears which limit our thinking and behaviours. You know, the ones which get in the way of doing what we want to do on our terms, preventing success.

We all can have times when we are on top of our game and everything is good. We can also have times when we are not at our best, it can get really tough as we start to question ourselves. 

Five Examples of Everyday Fears With Tips

Here are five examples of some everyday fears that we may have with tips to start working on them. These have orginated from unresolved challenges from both work and in life students have brought to work on during our development programmes .

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Being Found Out (imposter syndrome)

Having a fear of being found out at any level, in any role, can be so limiting to daily activity and impactful upon wellbeing potentially causing unwanted stress.


A useful tip is to replay your last day and view yourself as if on a tv screen seeing yourself in the picture. Observe your performance and objectively rate yourself as if it was a colleague – you may be surprised by your findings!

Lack Of Self Belief

A lack of self belief can impact upon to all aspects of the day to day including decision making, over analysing, over thinking and questioning self. Some of us develop coping mechanisms by using trusted colleagues which can help in the short term. A lack of self belief is an example of a limiting belief eg “I am not good enough”. Many realise that a limiting belief is made in the past and becomes self perpetuating that is reinforced over time.


A useful start on this is to ask yourself “when did you make this decision to have a lack of self belief? What was going on at the time?”

Holding On(to Control)

This is an opportunity to increase your self awareness. If you are a leader, self awareness is key to all aspects of leadership. Behind this may be a concern around letting go and trusting others. Holding onto control can get in the way of teamwork and prevent relationships forming at a deeper level.


Become aware. Start by checking where your awareness is around this. Think hard about examples when you have given control to others, what the outcome was and how it felt for you. If this is difficult, find an opportunity to do this, treat it like a pilot if you wish. The aim is to increase the number of occasions you give control and to become more comfortable with the feelings you are experiencing.

Fear Of Failure

Holding onto a fear of failiure can work in different ways. For some it can be a motivator driving one to work even harder to avoid failiure. A concern is that it works mainly in the short term and can be mentally exhausting. For others it acts as an ‘away from’ to be avoided at all costs. The avoidance becoming the focus rather than what should be.


Spend some time reflecting, how does it work for you?

Haunted By The Past 

It can be easy to link behaviour to previous poor role models and even allocate blame. What is important is to realise that you are different and have so more to offer. 


A tip for handling this is to make a decision to take ownership of your behaviour to start to move forward. Actively seek feedback from trusted colleagues as you make changes to your leadership style.

All our students are asked to bring real unsolved challenges and any fears to work on and overcome during the development programme. I am pleased to say there is no role play here!

Its such a satisfying and rewarding experience knowing that they are taking the next steps to their success.

What will you bring onto our next development programme?

For further details on our next development programmes. If you want to arrange in informal chat, get in touch.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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