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I love my mobile phone, how it looks and its functionality. I am so impressed the way it handles photos and clever with editing them, how I can link to my calendar, pay for things, access documents and the list goes on and on and on. In short, I am continually amazed by its potential to do so much more and every time I use it for something new, I learn more about it knowing there is even more. When I hear business owners say their mobile phone can run their life, I really get it.

Ultimately, I admire its functionality, its ability to do more and this is where I find value.  Whilst this goes for some of us, for others it is different, the mobile phone may only be for calls and chat so only using a very small part of its functionality and that’s fine too.

The same goes for many everyday objects we take for granted, how much of your cars’ functionality do you use? Do you really access the manual and make the most of it or do you just start the car and go from A to B?  Then when things go wrong, do you find yourself reaching for the help manual (or not) or just ask someone who knows. Whatever way you find value is key, the question is do you want to find more value by upgrading your functionality?

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Applying To Our Functionality 

If we start to think about our functionality, how much of your ability are you aware of, that you can use?

How much of your potential do you access?

How much of your potential has not been accessed yet?

How much of yourself have you avoided or neglected (like a phone or car user manual) to find out about?

How much would you value finding out more about yourself and your functionality?

This got me thinking about our personal functionality. Perhaps some kind of an audit is needed, where we start to find the gaps. What resources are missing that could be present which would make your difference and give you more personal functionality?

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Your Internal Home Screen

Imagine the home screen of your phone this time for yourself with each of your inner resources (with their own icons) as an ‘app’ to access.  An ideal version for example may have confidence, belief, creativity, determination, focus, strength, excitement, (welcome) change, energy, motivation, abundance, act in spite of fear, exploring (new things) and fulfilment. A less than ideal example may have, doubt, limiting beliefs, insecure, regret, fear, surviving, procrastination, playing it safe, settling for less, just getting by. Just imagine what your home screen might be like.

So when we know what we have and what’s missing then it’s a matter of finding the resources to fill the gaps. Rest assured, we do have them, it’s just a matter of locating and reconnecting.

Your Personal Development

This is what personal development and growth is about. It’s about exploring and finding out more about yourself and your potential. It’s about understanding your functionality, how you operate in all situations and contexts. At home, at work, in business, education, sport, coaching as a leader, business owner, partner, member of a family and in relationships. How you function when it feels challenging and uphill, how to make change work for you, how to optimise making the most of your resources, how to reconnect to previously ‘missing’ resources, how to be the best version of you and make your difference.

If you want to explore your functionality and upgrade then check out our accredited personal development programmes and lets have a chat.

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