How Does Training in NLP Help My Personal Growth?

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The Connection Between Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Personal Growth In today’s busy world, the need for personal growth and to improve ourselves is more important and desirable than ever. Many of us seek ways to enhance our lives, improve our communication skills and achieve our goals more effectively. One powerful approach to use is […]

5 Tips In Self-Care For Coaches and How Can NLP Help?

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In the dynamic world of coaching, the focus often centres on helping clients achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and unlock their potential. However, amidst this dedication to others, it is crucial for coaches to prioritise their own well-being through effective self-care. This ensures a win-win for their personal health and their professional effectiveness. For those […]

Happy With Your Latest Version Of Self?

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Unveiling Your True Self: A Journey of Self-Discovery Do you ever find yourself feeling trapped within the confines of your own identity? It’s like there’s a whispering voice deep within, urging you to break free from the layers of societal expectations and personal experiences that have shaped who you are today. You sense that there’s […]

Embracing Analogue: A Path to Personal Growth

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Embracing Analogue: A Path to Personal Growth In today’s fast-paced world, it seems we’re constantly surrounded by technology, social media, and the internet. Everything is digital, and it’s as if we’re always switched on, plugged in, absorbing data and information available at the touch of a button. Our experiences are shaped by algorithms designed to […]

Unlocking True Relaxation on Holiday with Hypnotherapy In 2024

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Picture this: You’re on a beautiful beach, the sun is shining, the waves are gently lapping on the shore, and you’ve got a cocktail in hand. Perfect, right? Thing is, how long does it take for you to truly relax and enjoy the moment? According to research from OnePoll for Hilton, almost half of us […]

Saying ‘no’ to make your positive in 2024

Saying no by new perspective nlp

In this blog, we are highlighting power of saying no and how you can take back control positively, to make a difference. Under Pressure Do you find when the pressure is on and we are in a difficult place, the word ‘yes’ seems to increase in use?  Sometimes it just seems easier to agree, to […]

Achieve Success With 5 Top Tips

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What is your relationship with success? Do you both ‘get on’ fine or is it a little more distant resulting in disappointment? Please find our handy guide to succeeding and the mindset behind success. In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) we focus on the study of excellence, we are curious about the thinking processes which occur […]


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It’s the BIG occasion, the BIG event, how are you feeling? Let’s talk about feeling nervous! Occasionally we can experience feelings of nerves at some point in life, usually in response to an event or occasion. Perhaps a test (I distinctly remember my driving test!), giving presentations or speeches (including weddings), exams, competing, a race […]

4 Steps To Make Challenge Easier

4 Steps To Making Challenge Easier with new perspective NLP

As the new year approaches there will be many of us either already embarked upon or considering a personal challenge of some kind. Some of us do this to find out something new about ourselves, or get out of the comfort zone and learn something new. The four steps to learning can apply in any […]

Are You Buying Into Black Friday?

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With over £8bn predicted to be spent over this weekend (less than previous years) it’s worth taking a few moments to focus on the process of buying. So what is going on in our heads in relation to buying? Strategies Welcome to strategies. Strategies govern everything we do and our behaviours. We have strategies for […]