Finding A New Direction

Have you ever experienced a lack of direction, being stuck in comfortable? Where it’s all just … ok. Nothing more. Perhaps the job is comfortable, decent pay and all the rest. Where you know all the angles, for sure there is some challenge and that’s ok, its just nothing to bounce out of bed for […]

How does NLP help Coaches to Coach better?

Rod Hahlo, Coach

How does NLP help me as a coach? This is a commonly asked question I get from Exec Coaches, Life Coaches, Coaches of various kinds and those seeking a change of career to focus more fully on coaching as a business. The short answer is “more than you can ever know, right now” which, although […]


Pregnancy couple

Hypnobirthing Hypnobirthing is about letting go, letting go of misconceptions, assumptions and fear about the natural process of giving birth. Ultimately letting the female body do exactly what it has been designed to do. Hypnobirthing overview As a highly experienced hypnotherapist, I work with both mum to be and partner on their journey to giving […]

New Course – NLP For Educators

leadership training

Suitable for Educators, in Teaching, Presenting, Human Resources & Learning and Development Do you need to engage learners effortlessly? Do you need to motivate learners easily? Do you present, speak or work with groups on a regular basis? Want to improve quality of your connection? (Not bandwidth!) Get your message across first time and save […]

Online NLP

step from negative to positive with newperspectivenlp

As a business owner you understand the importance of value, the value that your customers can feel and see in your service. This online course represents an investment which you can make to improve the value of your service. Completing this course prepares you internally for the future so you can realise the value, externally. […]

NLP Training Brochure


Want a change of direction, want to change your future? Read about our amazing NLP training in the newly launched new brochure. Find out more about the NLP Practitioner Training Programme to put you in charge of your results. Book your place in advance to allow you the time you need for preparation now.