An Introduction To Hypnotherapy – Learning The Art of Relaxation

- 10/06/2024

Welcome to “An Introduction To Hypnotherapy” or as we call it Learning The Art of Relaxation!

Come join us on Sun, July 14th 2024 at 09:30 am at The University of Bolton Arena for an exciting introductory event where you’ll learn the basics of hypnotherapy. Whether you’re curious about how hypnotherapy works or interested in using it for personal development, this introductory event is perfect for beginners. Hypnotherapy is a natural approach commonly used today in many ways to make positive behavioural change such as improving sleep, smoking cessation, weight loss, birth (hypnobirthing), overcoming stress, fears and phobias. Enjoy for yourself, the experience of trance for relaxation as part of a group. An experienced Trainer of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, Rod will guide you through the fundamentals and debunk common myths about hypnosis. Get ready to learn to relax, focus, and explore the power of the unconscious mind.

Only 12 places available, tickets £37, please contact.

"I am very interested in wellbeing and a positive approach to life so this course ticked all the boxes...the most profound thing is the positive response within me since the course. I have never slept as well… The day after the course I felt completely different, so positive in my approach to life. I highly recommended it"
Stephanie Rowson
Beauty Therapist
Definition of relax against background of sky

Small group


Day Time

09:30 - 13:00

£37 per person

Spread the cost: payment plans available