2 Day Diploma in NLP

- 12/05/2024


Gain mental growth, widen your neurology and broaden mindset on our NLP Diploma. Over two days we focus upon the most important relationship that you have, with yourself! Get in control of internal dialogue, what you say to yourself, your thoughts and behaviours to find empowerment. Full of ‘a ha’ moments and self exploration take a trip on the inside to realise a return from your investment as you gain a Diploma In NLP.

Participants will be introduced to the basics of NLP, experience established NLP techniques and thinking during a practical learning journey, gaining essential resources necessary for modern day living and working.

This practical two day course covers the basics of NLP in the context of:

NLP and Communication

NLP and Self

NLP and Managing Self

(Please note price stated is for the full course of two days)

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Diploma Day One Agenda

Introduction and foundations of NLP

The Origins and History of NLP
Definitions and Practical applications of NLP
Change and our relationship with it
Foundations of NLP
Finding excellence

Getting in control and goal setting

Introducing the Unconscious Mind
The 5 Principles of Success
Goal setting (NLP style)
Resetting mentally

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Diploma Day Two Agenda

Communication and relationships
Creating effective relationships
Using language to get results
Flexible thinking techniques for problem solving

Maintaining control
• Anchoring
• Limiting Beliefs
• Next steps

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"I have attended two of New Perspective NLP introductory workshops and I can highly recommend Rod Hahlo for his fab delivery, skills and knowledge. Really enjoyable workshops on both occasions and I learnt a lot that I can now put into practice. Met some great people too!"
Val Dickinson
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