Accelerate Your Growth Half Day Event March 2024

- 22/03/2024

Supercharge and accelerate your personal growth with our live in person event.

You may want to rebalance your work and life to life and work. We all know a happier version of you will perform even more. To grow we all know that it will be uncomfortable at first, after all growth and comfort do not work together, growth and uncomfortable is the way forward. Get to grips with essential mindset and change your perspective to make this happen.

You may be feeling stuck despite being comfortable in your work and you know you have so much more potential, untapped and waiting to be used. Now it’s time to do something just for you, to carve out a piece that will be yours.

Renew your energy and motivation to start work on the most important person in your life – You! Put yourself first.
You may have been thinking about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for a while, its been on your radar in awareness for some time. You always meant to do something about it, well your opportunity is here to sample in our latest half day event. NLP is your difference that makes the difference.

Take the first step on your journey and get ready to start discovering your inner potential.
NLP is more relevant to everything we do than ever before; in Career, Business, Sport, Relationships and Personal Growth. If you are thinking of taking a new direction or retraining, we can help you take you skills and thinking to another level.

Join me at this in person event and take some ‘me time’ to invest in yourself taking away practical tools to:

Make change work for you
Gain clarity
Boost your inner strength
Take back control
Learn the secret of success

Tickets £25 (plus booking/admin fee)

For any further details on how this event can make your difference get in touch.

"In three words - informative, innovative, inspiring. Its a must, Rod is amazing and friendly. You can apply your new found knowledge to all areas of life including using the valuable tools yourself. "
Special Needs Assistant
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Small group


Day Time

09:30 - 12:30

£25 per person

Spread the cost: payment plans available