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Who has an inner resource that perhaps we have forgotten, ignored and would benefit from ‘restoring’?

Looking forward to another episode of The Repair Shop being aired tonight at 8pm on BBC. It's such a crowd pleaser, evoking feelings and memories around resources where our old, sometimes forgotten or neglected possessions are given a new lease of life.

The ‘repairers’, all truly experts in their craft, and I mean craft, where I am struck by the value of their resource, time and such attention combined with expertise. They always know what to do and find a way! Not to mention the respect for those who wear not one, but two sets of glasses (Steve)!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be reunited with our inner resources that we already have, perhaps forgotten, ignored and in need of ‘restoring’. What value would this mean? After all, this is about what it means to you and what you can achieve with it. We all know that to repair a treasured object will cost more than buying the cheap imitation which is at best,  only a short term fix. 

At newperspective NLP Coaching and Training we enable a reconnection to those resources that we already have and are not immediately apparent. You know, those which we never thought we have which when reunited with them we are amazed that we have it within us. To polish and restore them to full working order, better than ever before to use in our daily lives.

So, If you wanted to reconnect and restore a past resource, what would it be? Confidence? Success? Self love? Self acceptance? 
Or perhaps to peel back the layers and find the real, authentic you?

Book yourself in to start our work online. Contact me now at or call on 01204 282717 for an exploratory discussion.


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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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