What’s Your Focus for 2023?

It’s that time of year when we hear the talk about making personal change such as resolutions, goals, challenges, diet or some form of abstinence. It can feel scary and off putting for those of us who really want to make some change and are unsure how to get going. Help is at hand.

It can be easy to go overboard and aim too high, too soon with numerous unrealistic expectations resulting in disappointment. Far better to make improvement achievable by focusing upon one or two areas and make them your priority, so here are some suggestions with questions to help your thinking.

Physical Health (diet, exercise, sleep)

Q What do you need to do that you are avoiding?

Q What will you lose by avoiding?

Q What will you gain by accepting?

Focus upon improving your health incrementally rather than a big bang approach. Bringing unhealthy habits or choices consciously into your awareness can be a positive first step by admitting to them. This is the start of taking responsibility and ‘owning’ them. By taking responsibility for yourself you will start to feel more in control – you’ve got this!

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New job /  Change of Direction / Career

Q For what reason are you struggling to find satisfaction in your role?

Q Where else can you find it?

Q How long are you going to wait before you decide to take action?

Q Do you know what your values are for career?

You have been thinking about this for a while and now that you are back at work it’s staring you right in the face. Making the decision to take action is the start point. Knowing your values and motivation for career is really important and will guide you in moving forward.

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Q Are you feeling stuck?

Q Are you surrounded by the right people?

Q What do you gain from your current relationship(s)?

Q  What is missing from current relationship(s)?

Imagine joining a team (small or large) of superstars who are amazing at what they do, who challenge and stimulate you to go further and aim higher. Or comparatively you are in a team which is the opposite, predictable, doing the same and being surprised at getting the same results. Which works better for you?

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Q How is your balance?

Q What is more in balance and what is less?

Q Where are you on the list?

Q What, who and where you want to reprioritise.

The starting point is to identify.  Perhaps it’s a feeling you cannot describe, you know it just doesn’t feel right. Feeling unbalanced can impact in different ways, low energy, short concentration, snappy around people, feeling frustrated and not sure why.

Sometimes we are so focused on the long list of priorities that self tends to be near the end or does not even make the list. If so, time to review the list and push self, further up.

Start by asking what, who and where you want to reprioritise.

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Personal Growth, Self Improvement

Q What surprised you about you, last year? (positively)

Q What were you proud of?

Q What as your best moment of last year?

Q Where do you want to be by end of this year?

This area can be overlooked, do so at your peril!

We all know self-improvement can come from leaving the comfort zone and getting uncomfortable, sometimes it’s just addressing the change from ‘if’ to ‘when’ to move forward.

A good way to think about personal growth is by establishing a baseline. Review and reflect upon the past year, what did you achieve, what surprised you (positively) and what were your highlights? Once you have this consider what steps you took to push yourself further, what worked well and what had less of an impact. Then, start to think about where you want to be by the end of the year, what will it look, feel and sound like to be that version and ultimately what will you do different? Then looking back from that moment in the future, what got you there?

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Self Care

Q What do you need to do to care for self, more?

Q What are you not doing that you need to do to benefit you the most?

Q For what purpose have you been ignoring it?

Too often we get lost in the busyness, we push ourselves to the back of the queue neglecting the oxygen mask. I know from clients that sometimes it’s the little things that make the most difference, just taking some protected regular personal or ‘me time’ on your own, is an ideal and satisfying start to make.

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Next Steps

Once you have selected one or two of the suggested areas as your priorities, make a note of them ideally writing them down – the connection between your mind, pen and paper is far more energising than inputting electronically. Now it’s time to commit and make it personal. Are you ready? Say it to yourself. How does it feel? If it feels exciting, that’s great! Next, take a moment and think about what tiny steps you need to take to get moving. Identify if there may be any barriers and plan how to overcome them. Finally decide on when you are going to start.

Congratulations, you are ready to go so go for it!

Check out our next blog on staying on track.

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Rod Hahlo

Rod is a Trainer of NLP and Personal Development Master Coach, based in Bolton, Lancashire.

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