Finding A New Direction

Have you ever experienced a lack of direction, being stuck in comfortable? Where it’s all just … ok. Nothing more. Perhaps the job is comfortable, decent pay and all the rest. Where you know all the angles, for sure there is some challenge and that’s ok, its just nothing to bounce out of bed for […]

Validation, are you feeling Ken–enough?

Barbie driving her car

Having recently taken my niece to watch the Barbie film I feel moved to write this blog about validation. The tag line to the trailer goes “To live in Barbie Land is to be a perfect being in a perfect place. Unless you have a full-on existential crisis. Or you’re a Ken.” Without giving too […]

Can You Gain From A Problem?

Secondary Gain Does holding onto problems give you a gain? Perhaps even a benefit? Sounds a little strange maybe and yes it’s very possible. It’s called secondary gain I find that sometimes clients who have a ‘limpet-like’ grip on problems, the reason they hold onto it so tightly is because they are gaining something else […]

Get Springtime positive with our ten tips

springtime positive newperspectivenlp

How to get Springtime positive. Our ten tips for a positive mindset It’s one of those times of the year when there is an overwhelming urge to tidy and clean. Car, house, garden nothing is spared! So, what about a spring clean for your mind? Here are our top tips for finding a positive mindset […]

Overcoming Stress

relaxed woman

We all want to overcome stress. Over 50% of working Brits feel stressed at work according to a report. The report states that almost 90% of workers think about work outisde of working hours. In this blog we focus on 5 indicators of stress and tips to make a difference. Overwhelmed in overwhelm  Do you […]

Being Present

Rod Hahlo NLP Coach and NLP Trainer

Struggling to be present? Always on? Do you find the chitter chatter in your head distracting you? Getting in the way of thinking clearly and being present, in the now? Or perhaps it’s the latest social media or media on one of the many devices demanding your attention and energy. Does it feel like you […]

What’s Your Focus for 2023?

female runner goals mountain background

It’s that time of year when we hear the talk about making personal change such as resolutions, goals, challenges, diet or some form of abstinence. It can feel scary and off putting for those of us who really want to make some change and are unsure how to get going. Help is at hand. It […]

A Gift For You

7 Christmas Gifts under the tree by new perspective NLP

A Gift For You From new perspective NLP Be present! Whilst there may be a gift or two around at this time of year, this is about giving of a different type. Giving to others and giving to self. It’s about being present, being in the room, being attentive and interacting to what’s going on […]

Your Connection and NLP

new perspective NLP connection

We are talking about connection What is Connection? In short, connection is in everything we do, it’s the magic which happens during a process resulting in an outcome so much more than what goes in. You invest in your connection whether it’s time, energy or resources and depending upon what goes in will impact upon […]

Back To Busyness Are You Ready?

dragging tyre through mud obstacle challenge

It might start with the washing, ironing, haircuts, clothes, progressing to stationery, bags and other items.  There’s logistical challenges lying in wait, commutes littered with hurdles and roadworks requiring constant reassessment of journey, school runs, school clubs, gym sessions who is picking who up and when? That’s just the practical getting back to the busyness, […]