Back To Busyness Are You Ready?

dragging tyre through mud obstacle challenge

It might start with the washing, ironing, haircuts, clothes, progressing to stationery, bags and other items.  There’s logistical challenges lying in wait, commutes littered with hurdles and roadworks requiring constant reassessment of journey, school runs, school clubs, gym sessions who is picking who up and when? That’s just the practical getting back to the busyness, […]

How NLP Can Improve Your Recruitment Process

nlp and recruitment decisions

Use NLP to navigate your way through the recruitment maze, making decisions with ease to get the right candidates. Are you missing out on hiring the right candidates for the job? Ever find months later you regret a recruitment decision? Sometimes, we can get lost in the recruitment maze at the expense of identifying the […]

5 Steps To Improve Your Day

steps to improve your day with new perspective NLP Coaching and Training

Want to improve your day? I was really pleased to kick off the first meeting of the New Year with a presentation to my fellow business networking club members. I offered five steps to improve your day which are easy to implement. So here they are for you. Step 1 Be more TREE!   Trees […]

How to handle overwhelm

pulling hair out, overwhelm

I am hearing increasingly more instances of overwhelm, whether it is business owners or clients so I hope you find this post useful. When facing overwhelm In the world of overwhelm, it’s tough, it can feel like pulling our hair out, maybe it’s a battle or wading through the ‘stickiest’ of mud. Wellbeing is affected, […]

10 Steps to improve mindset

nlp coaching to give confidence

I pulled this together in the style of a checklist which can be used to improve mindset. 1. Own your s***t! Important to improve mindset. By putting yourself in charge and taking responsibility for your results, you will find choice and empowerment. Exercising choice gives you control. Focus 2. Focus on what you want, rather […]

Manage the negative to reduce stress

does columbo stress you out

Have you ever heard that phrase “Just one more thing…” in Columbo? What made Columbo interesting was that the crime worked in reverse, starting with a murder. Then it became all about how Columbo was going to find the murderer using endless questioning. As the suspect becomes increasing stressed and their stress levels rise, they […]

Feel stuck at this time?

one way, stuck, anxiety, choice, behaviour

Who feels stuck and overwhelmed? It can be easy at the moment especially as we are surrounded by uncertainty. This can be due to what is said (for example on the media and social media) that isn’t clear, or what is not said, which is equally unclear – making us feel trapped. We may feel […]

What’s in a Name?

handling imposter syndrome, am I good enough?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] new perspective NLP – What’s in a name? The pandemic saw a lot of businesses adapt their working practices and new perspective NLP was no exception.  I am a Bolton born NLP Trainer and Personal Development Coach who decided to take the plunge and become fully self employed during lockdown helping other new business […]

Anxiety at work

stress stressed man, worry and anxiety newperspective NLP

[vc_row columns=”1″][vc_column][vc_column_text] What keeps you awake at night? It’s Sunday night full of worry and its proving difficult going to sleep. Tossing and turning, can’t get comfortable, mind racing round and round, ticking and unticking endless mental lists, reviewing conversations and planning, feeling uncomfortably hot, staring at the clock, still awake and time to get […]

Imposter Syndrome – Am I good enough?

handling imposter syndrome, am I good enough?

Self doubt and Imposter Syndrome are one of the more common problems that I find through my work with clients. What triggers this is when I hear “I’m not good enough” or “I will never be able to…” Imposter Syndrome can be a difficult and lonely place feeling a need to role model a strong […]