4 Steps To Make Challenge Easier

4 Steps To Making Challenge Easier with new perspective NLP

As the new year approaches there will be many of us either already embarked upon or considering a personal challenge of some kind. Some of us do this to find out something new about ourselves, or get out of the comfort zone and learn something new. The four steps to learning can apply in any […]

Are You Buying Into Black Friday?

buying strategies

With over £8bn predicted to be spent over this weekend (less than previous years) it’s worth taking a few moments to focus on the process of buying. So what is going on in our heads in relation to buying? Strategies Welcome to strategies. Strategies govern everything we do and our behaviours. We have strategies for […]

Our Latest Graduates

happy nlp graduates

Latest Graduate Practitioners I am pleased and excited to be introducing our latest Practitioners who completed the certified NLP 4 in 1 Training last month. It’s always a feeling of pride as I reflect upon the journeys each and every one of them made to get to this point. It’s worth noting that each ‘journey’ […]

Radio interview with Bolton FM

hand holding needles or syringe

My work with those who had a fear of needles or injections caught the attention of the local media. Using approaches from NLP incorporating Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy has provided successful results and changed the lives of many people who once thought that they might never have the vaccination(s). This story was also covered […]

Rod Interviews on Rossendale Radio

Had a great time sharing a little about what I have been up working with clients and training students. Listen to my interview with Jeanette Jackson on her wellbeing show.

Our New Chairs of Change

chair of change and plant

Introducing our latest coaching equipment – the Chairs of Change! We all know change can be so vibrant and energising and it’s great to be able to demonstrate this. (Not to mention the purple link to Hypnotherapy.) Transporting clients on a change journey is what we do at new perspective NLP. Let’s face it, change […]

Congratulations NLP Graduates!

Congratulations to our graduates, our new NLP Practitioners! So pleased for them. These amazing people invested in themselves and put themselves first. For one of them, the first time in years to put herself first. For the other, to find and be the true authentic version of herself.  They invested their precious time and energy […]

Talking all things NLP

supporting clients with nlp coaching

On the Mind Your Own Business show – interview with Tracy Heatley on Real Life Radio As an NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer, Rod has all the NLP tools for making change. This, combined with years of organisational coaching and development, plus his hypnotherapy expertise, Rod has the full coaching and training toolkit. Listen […]

Introducing our latest graduates

newperspective nlp graduates

So proud of our latest graduates, on completing the Four in One NLP training in June 2021. The graduates come from a variety of backgrounds: Coaching, Executive Coaching, Property Investment, Therapies and Business showcasing the value that NLP adds.  After completing their pre-course preparation, they were more than ready to handle the accelerated 8 day […]

Confidence Coaching

new business owner confidence coaching

Really pleased to be in the local paper. The article focuses on how I help new business owners find the confidence they need at this time using NLP Coaching. (Confidence Coach helping new business owners to thrive). Here it is in full. A BOLTON personal development coach who became full-time in his own company during […]