Free yourself of limiting beliefs

free yourself of limitations

Have you ever made a negative decision based upon a poor experience? It can be very easy, too easy and before you know it, it becomes a belief which as the name states, limits us in our thinking and focus. In the workplace limiting beliefs can halt our productivity, cause inaction and hold us back […]


Who lives under labels? Any perfectionists struggling under the pressure? Any lonely ‘superheroes’ who want a change of role but feel trapped with low energy? I am not meaning food labels or those on clothing for example, but those we form in our heads. That we create from how we interpret what happens around us […]

Confidence Coaching

new business owner confidence coaching

Really pleased to be in the local paper. The article focuses on how I help new business owners find the confidence they need at this time using NLP Coaching. (Confidence Coach helping new business owners to thrive). Here it is in full. A BOLTON personal development coach who became full-time in his own company during […]

Imposter Syndrome – Am I good enough?

handling imposter syndrome, am I good enough?

Self doubt and Imposter Syndrome are one of the more common problems that I find through my work with clients. What triggers this is when I hear “I’m not good enough” or “I will never be able to…” Imposter Syndrome can be a difficult and lonely place feeling a need to role model a strong […]