Anchors – Your Superpower?

anchor anchorig with NLP

Anchors – Your Superpower? This blog focuses upon one of the more commonly known NLP techniques of anchors and anchoring. Learning NLP is a powerful form of self-development enabling practitioners to work with others and benefit by using to themselves. Would it be useful to feel in control, be in the right state at the […]

Find your inner resource

Head brain mind

Who has an inner resource that perhaps we have forgotten, ignored and would benefit from ‘restoring’? Looking forward to another episode of The Repair Shop being aired tonight at 8pm on BBC. It’s such a crowd pleaser, evoking feelings and memories around resources where our old, sometimes forgotten or neglected possessions are given a new […]

Free yourself of limiting beliefs

free yourself of limitations

Have you ever made a negative decision based upon a poor experience? It can be very easy, too easy and before you know it, it becomes a belief which as the name states, limits us in our thinking and focus. In the workplace limiting beliefs can halt our productivity, cause inaction and hold us back […]

Hair & Change

Hair and your response to change

I am going to be brave and ask…how are you and your hair getting on? Your current relationship with your hair can be an indicator for how we are handling change at the moment. Are you accepting? “Yay, this is me! I would never have done this before, am enjoying this look”or maybe in denial? […]

Wellbeing and NLP

NLP supports wellbeing

Looking after wellbeing is key to good health. In this world of busyness (yes it’s become a word!) and if we are not careful, we can end up being ‘always on’. Like the many gadgets that we may own and surround us they get charged up… what do you do to charge yourself up? NLP […]