What’s Your Focus for 2023?

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It’s that time of year when we hear the talk about making personal change such as resolutions, goals, challenges, diet or some form of abstinence. It can feel scary and off putting for those of us who really want to make some change and are unsure how to get going. Help is at hand. It […]

A Gift For You

7 Christmas Gifts under the tree by new perspective NLP

A Gift For You From new perspective NLP Be present! Whilst there may be a gift or two around at this time of year, this is about giving of a different type. Giving to others and giving to self. It’s about being present, being in the room, being attentive and interacting to what’s going on […]

Leadership and NLP

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Combining NLP and Leadership is powerful Leadership and NLP is a powerful combination. Think about it, NLP trained leaders are the difference that makes the difference. With the inside track to understanding self and others, they can get the job done saving precious time and resources.  With heightened self awareness and possessing those essential skills […]